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I started the painting.  Not much of a start really, just sketching/painting in the lead lines between the glass panes (or what will be the panes of glass if I can figure out how to get the stained glass effect I want).  Still, it's something.  At least I know the geometric shape of my "window".  It will change by the time I'm done, I'm sure.

And it has a (working) name.  No color other than black and it already has a name.  *grin*

Soliloquy of a Dead Language.

Being creative again feels weird.  Good but weird.  Almost painful in a way.  Like I'm trying to use muscles I've let atrophy.  I kind of like it.  :-)   


Dec. 20th, 2010 04:07 pm
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Today should be a gym day since 1) I've been a major slacker lately and 2) the gym is closed Thursday and Friday this week.  Instead I'm thinking I might just go home.  More snow is coming - this time with freezing rain and ice mixed in!  Yippee!  As the front gets closer my head is just pounding more and more. 

Note - this is the first headache I've had since I got my new glasses other than the migraine that first day.  I'm pretty sure this headache has everything to do with my sinuses acting like a barometer.  

I also slept like shit last night.  Not sure what I did but I have a spot just below my right shoulder blade that is all tight and achy.  Not muscle spasms, so that's a good thing, but it woke me up last night before 3:00 AM and kept me up until 6:00 AM.  About that time the ibuprofen and Icy Hot had kicked in enough that I was able to sleep so I let myself stay in bed until seven even though I really should have been at work early today.  I've taken another dose of ibuprofen but neither the headache nor the back pain is responding.  And no Icy Hot at work as everyone would be able to smell me coming.  

Combine everything and today just kind of sucks (although I did get a draft of a tech design done and out for review).  I'm thinking the best thing to do is go home, take more drugs, and go to bed early.  If we get ice then I have a sucky drive to look forward to tomorrow - although if we get enough ice I'll be working from home as I'm not stupid. 


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