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I missed posting yesterday - oops!

As of today I'm 8 days away from my very much deserved vacation.  Three weeks of not being here (work) and not dealing with this project or the crap that comes with it. 

The State Department issued an advisory for Americans traveling abroad today due to the whole Iran thing.  Plus there's still unrest in Egypt.  Heck, I'll be in Greece, Egypt and Israel (along with Turkey and Italy)!  I'm definitely headed to some of the world's "hot spots". 

In other news I've been watching the news on my blog feed about the decriminalization of domestic violence in Topeka, KS and the "personhood" amendment in Mississippi.  Both of these situations make me really, really angry - and unfortunately not surprised.  I am sick to death of holier than thou, right-wing, christianist fruitcakes making decisions like this.  There is a movement in this country that wants nothing more than to see women marginalized and deprived of their rights.  What is even more concerning to me is how many women there are who actually support this kind of bullshit because of their religious beliefs.  

Plus there isn't a lot of mention of these stories on the big mainstream media sites.  Google Topeka Kansas Domestic Violence and its half a page before you get the a link to the story on MSNBC.  CNN and FOX aren't even on the first page of results.  Try Mississippi Personhood Amendement and the big three aren't even on the first damn page.  But several Christian news sites and groups urging support sure are.  WTF people?  We're talking about not prosecuting domestic violence, a crime that disproportionately affects women.  And the whole personhood thing is not only an attack on abortion but also on birth control and a woman's right to control her own body.  Where's the coverage?  Where's the outrage?  Shouldn't someone at the big news companies, the ones that reach fucking millions of people, shouldn't someone there be reporting this shit?  Instead I'm getting my news from like-minded bloggers and feminist and progressive online news sites. 

Land of the free my ass.  I guess that only applies if you are a rich, white, capitalist, fundamentalist Christian. 

I need to go home and have a glass of wine before I burst a fucking blood vessel.  Later.

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This past week has included:

1. Food poisoning
2. A ten hour work day that started at 7 AM (more on that in a minute)
3. A chipped tooth which prompted a trip to the dentist
4. A broken air conditioner on a day with 100 F heat.

I have never been so thankful to see a Saturday. 

The food poisoning was Sunday evening into Monday.  I had leftover pizza for dinner that was evidently a little too left over.  So really I did it to myself.

The ten hour day was Wednesday.  I had to get up at 5 am as my first meeting was at seven.  By 5 pm I was beyond loopy.  Case in point: S- came by my desk at 5 and asked how long I'd been there.  I answered "12 hours!".  When he looked at me like I was crazy I explained "7 to noon is 5 hours and noon to 5 is 5 hours.  5 + 5 12 hours."  Yes, I was so tired I forgot how to do simple math.  *sigh*

Thursday I ate breakfast and thought I had some granola stuck but when I went to get it realized that the sharp and pointy was not in fact granola but that I'd chipped my bottom left molar!  Luckily my dentist is great and was able to get me in on Friday.  Equally lucky all we had to do was grind it down a bit as the tooth (and previous filling) are still solid.  The general consensus is I did it while grinding my teeth. 

Friday, after the dentist and getting pretty much nothing done at work I went out to Conference Room S with S- and B-.  We had a drink, shot the shit, then I dropped B- off at his place and headed home.  The official high yesterday was 99 F but every temp sign we saw said100 or 101.  I got home and the house was 82.  Uh-Oh!  Called the heating/cooling guys and they said they could be out between 8 and midnight.  The guy actually got there a little after 8 pm.  The sun was down and somehow it hadn't gotten any hotter inside the house.  Turns out the capacitor had burned out due to the heat so while the fan and compressor were fine they weren't getting any juice.  Took about 5 minutes and $261 bucks to fix and I now have AC again.  Thank goodness since today is supposed to be another hot one.  I was prepared to replace the unit if I had to but I'm relieved that it was fixable and for a lot less than six grand. 

As for today?  Well, so far I've done laundry, dropped off recycling and made the trip to the grocery store without incident.  Fingers crossed and knock on wood that it stays that way.  I have work to do this weekend (when don't I have work to do?) but first I plan on editing the music on my iPod Touch and adding a movie or two in prep for my big trip.  Then I'll likely chill for a bit, try to stay cool, and generally lay low for a day or so.  Monday is a holiday here in the US so I have plenty of time to get my work done and clean the house before my routine reasserts itself.

On that note, everyone have a great weekend!


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