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First visit with my new ortho this morning.  Things went well.  X-Rays, exam, MRI - there wasn't much left out.  Except a diagnosis.  The MRI results will be back in 2-3 days and I'll hopefully know what the problem is then.  Right now the doc thinks it might be a torn meniscus.  Maybe some ligament damage, maybe not.  The patella (kneecap) is solid and moving like it is supposed to, which is good news. 

So I'll know sometime next week if surgery is in my future.

The laptop situation is resolved and it is unfortunately not a happy ending.  The new AC Adapter arrived - and had the exact same problem.  Which means the problem isn't the adapter it's the laptop, most likely a short in the board.  My choices are to send it to HP and see if they can fix it or salvage the hard drives and get a new computer.  Since it is no longer under warranty its going to cost the same either way.  Right now I'm leaning towards ordering a new PC (a desktop this time).  I don't do hardcore gaming and I get a discount through work so I should be able to put one together pretty cheap. 

That's two big things going on right now: the knee and the laptop.  Don't these things usually come in threes? 

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After several months of slowly getting better my knee, overworked from mowing the lawn, seems to have given up.  I can still walk on it providing I wear a brace.  The compression brace works well enough some days but others the knee has been so unstable I've had to do the stabilizer brace. 

This is officially NOT FUN!  I have an appointment tomorrow with a new ortho and I will be getting an MRI done this time.  I want to know what's going on inside this stupid thing and get it fixed, finally.  Of course now that I've made the appointment with the doc today the knee is much more stable and isn't aching as much.  Figures.  I think it knows I'm getting it looked at tomorrow and is on it's best behavior.

I'm also waiting for a guy to call me back with an estimate for taking care of my yard.  Just mowing and trimming until I know if I need surgery.  If I have to get cut up I may have to have him do more.  Or get a landscaper. 

This sucks.....


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