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Let me remind you what my driveway looked like on Wednesday after the ice storm and my pathetic attempt to clear the ice away.

This is what it looks like after 4 cans of table salt and a whole lot of brute strength.

I fall down, go boom now, K?

Damn Ice!

Feb. 5th, 2011 12:02 pm
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Or ice dam to be more precise. 

I got up this morning at 7:30 am, which for me on a Saturday is pretty much unheard of.  Got dressed and went to the grocery first thing, planning to get it over with and maybe score some rock salt or ice melt.  I got the food but no rock salt as everyone is still sold out.  According to the couple of big box home improvement stores I called the shipments they were expecting were diverted to Chicago.  Yeah, pisses me off. 

Anyway I got 6 cans of table salt and 2 bags of kitty litter so I can make my own damn traction/ice melt stuff.  Because yesterday Mother Nature tried to kill me while I attempted to get my mail.  Getting the mail, especially when it doesn't contain anything but junk, shouldn't mean risking my life so I'm fighting back with the tools I have available - table salt and the stuff cats shit in.  Um, maybe not so much fighting back as just trying not to fall on my ass.

Got home, ate some breakfast, took a bath, walked into the living room and found this:

This discovery was followed by much cussing then a phone call to my expert, aka Dad.  Pics have been sent to so he can see for himself what I was doing a really shitty job of describing over the phone.  The general consensus is that I have an ice dam someplace - either in the gutters or around the chimney.  Which would put me in good company as pretty much the entire f!cking city of Indianapolis is dealing with the same shit right now.  No, that doesn't make me feel any better.  Neither does the knowledge that there is absolutely nothing I can do.  I could call a roofing contractor but all they will say is they can't do anything until it warms up - which it isn't ever going to do as this winter is going to last forever and ever and we're all going to die frozen in our beds!  *cough* Um, sorry about that.  I'm just a little sick of winter these days.

I'm sure it is still pretty to some people but I'm really done with snow and ice and winter in general.  Sunshine and green growing things can start any day now, thanks. 

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Yes, I have been woefully remiss in keeping this blog updated lately. After the fiasco of The Project That Would Not Die I have found myself, well, not quite giving a shit. Sorry but that's just the way it is. I've had little to say and haven't been able to muster up the motivation to care about that fact.

Truthfully today isn't much better but I was taking a break from the work of a cube dweller, was out here surfing around and thought "Hey, maybe I should drop in and say something!". So here I am.

I finally watched WALL-E (yes, I know, I am hopelessly behind on my NetFlix). Such a sweet little film and lovingly animated. Huge fan of Pixar right here. I loved the way the WALL-E and EVE were done - the voices, the body language, just everything. And the story was cute, making me cheer out loud. A very nice way to spend a cold Saturday evening.

I also watched Hellboy II: The Golden Army and was not quite as impressed. It is a decent movie and the creatures are amazing (although the special effects makeup on the young Hellboy was atrocious). The story was only so-so. It was kind of boring really. And a little too pat. Let's just say I'm glad I got it on NetFlix and didn't pay to go see it in the theater.

Not much reading lately. I spent most of the weekend cooking instead, making soups and stews and freezing a bunch. Its getting cold here so I have this nesting thing going on, stocking up for winter. Still, I did read The Great Stink by Clare Clark and The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. I enjoyed both immensely. The Great Stink is a somewhat slower and quieter book, which tends to hide that it is a far meatier story. Lots on Victorian London, the sewers and the huge project to modernize them, mental illness, a character that pretty much suffers from post-traumatic stress long before such a thing was known, cutting, societal mores. Lots more going on here than just a murder mystery. Not for everyone. The Lost Symbol is, well, a Dan Brown book. Enough history and fact woven in to make a seemingly impossible plot almost believable. I loved the history of Washington, D.C. as well as all the stuff on the Masons, true or not. As usual Brown came close to snapping the suspension on my disbelief (real close in this one) but managed not to. And in usual Brown fashion the story doesn't end with the end of the bad guy. It just keeps going and going and going. The denouement really could have been tighter. Still I found the book a pleasurable read - and a fast one!

And now I should return to my regularly scheduled work and get something accomplished. I was late this morning due to snow, ice, and everyone in Indiana forgetting how to drive in the shit. Of course everyone else was late as well so no harm, no foul.

Is it time to go to the gym yet?


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