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I'm a little bit better mood-wise than I was the other day.  Oh, I'm still pissed about all the crap going on in this country - seriously, religion and politics do not mix unless it is your religion and your politics.  But overall I'm better, mostly because I've been staying away from the news sites and none of the blogs I read regularly have been talking about this shit for about 24 hours. 

I would like to try to put together my thoughts on all this stuff but I'm afraid I'd get so pissed off I'd become rabid. 

In the meantime, here's some food for thought.

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.  You have a constitutional right to say that homosexuality is unnatural, a sin, etc.  And I have the constitutional right to call you a narrow-minded bigot.  Or a dick.

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I should be working, and I will try to get something done here in a few, but I've been distracted by coverage of the shooting in Arizona yesterday.  What a senseless tragedy. 

The whole question of whether all the political vitriol, the rhetoric of hatred that has permeated this country for the last few years, influenced the shooter.  Right-wing vs left-wing.  In the end it doesn't matter whether all the hatred, prejudice and bigotry influenced him or not.  The point is that those words, that hate speech, the whole "if you aren't with us you are against us and must be eliminated" rhetoric is out there in the first place.

We have free speech in this country, yes.  You are allowed to have your opinion and to state it no matter how vile it may be.  But with free speech comes responsibility.  And it is the responsibility of all citizens, especially those in power, to understand the effect their words may have on others.  Maybe it is time that politicians actually started paying attention to the crap their PACs and press people and campaign managers put out there.  We can disagree on items large and small without resorting to name-calling and violence. 

A little civility would go a long way right now.  But civility doesn't get the big headlines, does it?   

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I am really, REALLY pissed at my state's legislature right now.  They couldn't come up with a budget during the regular session that ended on April 29 so now they are in a special session, paid for by my tax dollars, to come up with a workable budget by midnight on June30.  You would think that they would understand that they need to compromise in order to keep the government running, wouldn't you?  Nope.  Both sides are pulling the same shit they did in the regular session.  The Dems, who control the House, want a one-year budget (instead of our normal two year one) and want to actually increase spending on education.  Despite the fact that we are in a recession, unemployment is up and revenues are way down.  The Republicans, who control the Senate, want a two-year budget, want to cut spending, and will only agree to a minuscule increase for education.  I should note that Indiana has a surplus in a rainy day fund that we have so far not spent.  The Dems want to fund their budget by raiding the savings account.  The Republicans want to hold off on doing that in case it gets any worse. 

Now I am not a huge fan of the Republican party as a whole or of most of the members who represent my community.  But the shit that the House Democrats are currently pulling is ridiculous.  How in the hell do you justify an increase in spending during a recession?  Just because Obama did it with his stimulus bill doesn't mean that it makes sense for this state.  This is a battle of wills between the House and the Senate and the losers here will be the people of Indiana.  This thing will end up going down to the wire (or past it) and what we'll end up with is a budget so full of crap that we'll be paying for it for years to come. 

All because grown men and women would rather act like overentitled five year-olds instead of like responsible, intelligent adults. 

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I only made it to 10:30 last night before I gave up on the election results and went to bed.  At the time I left it, Obama was in the lead and the west coast polls were closing in 30 minutes.  Since those states pretty much always go blue I felt pretty sure that I'd wake up this morning with Obama as the new president-elect.  And I did. 


Now, as I've said before I had (have) my problems with both candidates.  Truthfully I usually have a problem with anyone involved in politics because I can never tell if they are really in it for the people or just for the power.  The cynic in me assumes its for the power and, unfortunately, I'm often proved right. 

Still, I'm very happy with the results.  Because the 8 years of hell that have been the Bush administration are over.  And because I really want to be able to believe in my president again and I think that Obama may actually be sincere.  Only time will tell of course but I'm encouraged by the fact that he knows it will be hard to change the status quo and has publicly acknowledged that its going to be a long, tough haul.  There are plenty of flowers and rainbows in Obama's speeches but there is also a great deal of reality (something we as Americans have been completely out of touch with for far too long).  

Flowers and rainbows are nice.  The illusion always is.  But give me reality any day.   

Oh, and Indiana?  Went blue for the first time in 44 years.  *squee*



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