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...until I was assigned to this new project.  Now I know what busy is - and this is only the SECOND FREAKING DAY!

The new project is far more exciting to me than the old project but it is also just as (if not more) huge.  I mean HUGE!  Like touching nearly every program and system we have HUGE!  Want to know the best part?

I'm the systems architect.

Not one of the architects, not the junior architect.  The freaking lead, flying solo, if-I-fuck-up-its-all-me architect.

I'm fine.  I flipped out a little and kind of forgot how to breathe for a few minutes yesterday when I found out but today I'm fine.  OK, maybe I'm still flipping out a little but I can do this.  

...And I just got meeting invites for yet another project.  What the fuck, people?  

I seriously need that clone I ordered.  Or minions.  I could use minions.  WAIT!  I have a minion.  Well, technically now that he's been here for over a year he's no longer in training and I'm not officially his mentor - or his boss even though our mutual boss tends to act as though he really works for me but we won't go into that now - but he did tell me he needed work!  So I can pawn some of this shit off onto him (maybe).  YAY!  

This blog post brought to you by my brain while stressed out.  Thank goodness I start therapy Monday.   

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How long has it been since I've done an update?  Wow, um, I'm really sorry about that.  Seriously I had no idea it had been so long.

So what's been up around here lately?  Well, its been hot as hell for days on end with no rain.  I'm not a big fan of the heat.  Or of the sun for that matter (pale = burn).  And the lack of rain means drought - I'm not sure if its official yet or not but 16 days without rain and most of them over 90 degrees?  Yeah, not good.  

The painting is finished, or at least nearly so. I signed it so I guess that means its done.  There are a couple of touch ups to do then the gloss varnish then it will officially be complete.  Now that I've done one and I know how I can get the effect I want I have ideas for more stained glass type paintings.  We'll see if I actually do any of them.

Saw Prometheus last weekend.  Overall I liked it but damn does it have some problems.  It was entertaining but I wasn't able to get really immersed in it due to the stupid.  So much stupid!  Which is sad because there is so much there that is really cool from the look and feel of the movie to all the mythological and Christian symbolism/allegory to the Creation vs Evolution (and are they really at odds?) story beneath the surface.  Plus all the hat tips to Alien.  Pity about the stupid because if the storytelling had been better it would have gone from a fun movie to a truly meaningful one.  

Have you ever tried Chocolate Cheerios?  I got some at the store a couple of weeks ago, figuring what the heck, right?  Damn!  A bowl of these with vanilla almond milk and I'm in taste bud heaven.  I also have a box of the caramel flavored to try.  Yes, I'm having desert flavored cereal for breakfast.  Your point?

Work is work.  The Project From Hell continue to be a project and from hell.  Luckily my part is ramping down at least for the time being.  I've designed the hell out of this thing, now its time to hand my designs off to the developers.  I still have a lot of work to do, especially getting my resources to see my vision and bringing them up to speed on the project, but I don't feel like TPFH is eating my brain anymore.  In other work news now that TPFH is easing up I'm being assigned to another very large project as an architect and Subject Matter Expert.  Which means I now have another project to eat my brain.  Yay! 

In somewhat related news I have an appointment with a therapist on Monday.  As mentioned here before between the stress from the job and my regular depression I've been having periods of more intense crazy.  They could be hormonal or related to medication or just me going crazy.  Since its pretty much impossible for me to know I decided that adding talk therapy back in would be a good thing.  One of my friends started seeing this doc a little over a month ago and likes her so I decided to give her a try.  My work, thankfully, has an employee assistance program that lets me have 6 sessions for free - more than enough time to know if I like her, if I'm comfortable and if the dynamic is right.  If not I'll try someone else.  If she works for me then maybe we can find new strategies for me or break through the blocks that are keeping me from using the coping skills I already know.    

On a lighter note I have another cultural/social engagement this weekend.  My friend B- and I are going to see Idina Menzel in concert.  I am seriously looking forward to this.  And a week after that we're seeing Quidam!  Cirque du Soleil rocks!  So yay me for getting out of the house, being social, and getting some culture.  Not to mention having fun.  

That's it for now.  I have one more meeting then I can scoot.  I would promise to post more often but we know how that goes so I'll just say "Later".  

Rainy Days

May. 1st, 2012 03:26 pm
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The transition from old PM to new PM on The Project From Hell continues.  I think the change over is supposed to be done after this week but we'll see.

Right now I'm swamped with migrating servers to our new service provider, reviewing acceptance test plans for TPFH, designing web services and ETL processes for TPFH, and getting all our applications fixed that the new service provider F'ed up last week.  The last two days have been busy but refusing to let it get to me.  

While I didn't get to the gym last night I did get home with plenty of time to read the second half of Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess).  Way better than the gym!  I rarely laugh out loud at things I read, more just chuckle, but Ms. Lawson had me belly laughing (and giggling, smiling, and choking up a bit at times).  Seriously, you must read this book!  I may do an actual review later (yeah, right) but for now just take my work that this is a kick ass memoir that you need to go read right now!

In other news it is raining.  It rained Saturday and Sunday and Monday and now today.  The grass is getting out of control.  Again.  We are supposed to be hot and dry the next couple days though so maybe I'll get it done after work.  

In other other news I'm going to see Avenue Q this weekend with some friends.  Culture!  Well, if you count full-frontal puppet nudity as culture.  Which luckily I do!

Now I have one more meeting then I can go to the gym for some quality time on the elliptical, just me and my Kindle.  Later! 
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I am now helping the tester's...oops, make that system validation associates...on TPFH to beef up their test plan for the acceptance test of the vendor code.  The vendor came back today and said that while it was a good test plan they didn't think it went far enough and we needed to go deeper with it.  This received varied responses - the SQAs and their boss were NOT happy, the PMs (old and new) were all super serious ("what do you think we need?") and me?  I started out the day without a dog in this fight so I was like whatevs but if I can help I will.  Because I'm an idiot like that.

Fast forward to this afternoon where we had another meeting without the vendor and the PMs.  We agreed that maybe the vendor wasn't completely smoking crack and we could get a little more detailed.  So we started trying to determine where to add the depth.  We didn't get done, of course, so there is another meeting tomorrow. 

And I offered to read through the test scenarios the SQAs already have documented to see which need more detail, what is missing, what needs tweaks, etc.  Because I'm an idiot like that.

I spent my non-TPFH hours today fighting with our new operations service provider, figuring out why another SQA couldn't get into an app to test it (user error), and tracking down why several of our apps stopped working in dev!

My head hurts.

I was going to go to the gym tonight as I took yesterday as a rest day.  My legs were sore from Monday & Tuesday and I wanted to give my knees a chance to rest.  But today's headache is one of those that could go either way - I've taken meds (twice!) and it is still there so it will either stay with me at this level until I get some sleep or it will go migraine.  At this point going to the gym might just make it worse*. 

I'm going to finish up one last thing then get out of here.  Whether I go to the gym or not I want away from this desk!

* I can usually gauge my headaches pretty well (I should, I have enough of them) and know what will make them better, worse, or not have any affect.  They don't react consistently to working out though.  Sometimes it helps, sometimes it makes a moderate one go migraine.  So I tend to play it safe and take it easy when I have one especially if it isn't responding to drugs. 
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Well!  This week has certainly been interesting. 

Yesterday all members of the project team for TPFH received an email informing them that effective immediately our current Project Manager was being replaced with a new Project Manager.


- our old PM isn't gone, he's just on other projects now
- our new PM is of the unicorns and rainbows* school of project management
- the decision was made by management, not the old PM, and I get the impression he isn't all that happy about it

I am reserving judgment until I see how this goes but my gut tells me that this will still be The Project From Hell. 

* a PM of the unicorns and rainbows school doesn't believe in giving bad news - or any negative updates, really -  to management and the steering committee.  This can lead to the powers that be thinking everything is going great then getting blindsided when we can't meet our implementation date. 
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I just had a slightly uncomfortable conversation with the Project Manager on The Project from Hell.  He was over here to tell me that one of the invitees to a meeting on Monday will not be able to attend.  As he was telling me this he was poking me in the shoulder the whole time, trying to be cute!  I told him that he needed to stop doing that RIGHT NOW!  He did - which is good for him because I was seconds from losing my shit and punching him.  He was totally confused as to why that bothered me until I said "personal space" and then he seemed to get it.  And apologized.  And stepped a couple of feet away so he was no longer in my space.

I appreciate the apology and the recognition that he was at fault and needed to change his behavior since his usual response would be to act as if I’m overreacting.  But damn, dude, WTF!  I am not your friend and you do not get to touch me without permission.  Way to be inappropriate.   

 On a more positive note I am NOT working this weekend, despite having more than enough to do.  I told the above-mentioned PM yesterday that while I know I have dates to meet I am taking this weekend off.  Today, after the awkward situation, he told me not to work this weekend just to reinforce that he was supportive of that decision.  Trying to regain my favor it would seem.  Whatever.  

No plans right now for the weekend – although sleep sounds good.  The fridge is kind of empty so I expect a grocery run sometime tomorrow.  As for tonight I’ll probably pick something up for dinner, open a bottle of wine, and read more of my book (The Tigress of Forli by Elizabeth Lev about Caterina Sfoza).

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This week has been nuts and it isn't even done yet.

The Project From Hell (TPFH) is a little less hellish than usual this week but not for good reasons.  Our Project Manager got very, very sick and is currently in the hospital.  He has pancreatitis and will be gone indefinitely.  While he is away the rest of us are continuing to move forward with all our tasks.  Its different though.  The pace hasn't really slowed any - in fact I've accomplished more in 3.5 days this week than I usually do in a full week - but things just don't seem as stressful.  And yes, I'm saying that our PM is part of what makes this TPFH.  At least for me.  I am sorry he's ill and hope he gets better soon - but I'm enjoying work more without him here. 

Yes, I'm aware that my attitude means I'm a cruel, hateful person and I'm going to hell.  I accepted that a long time ago. 

In other news you may have heard that the Super Bowl is in Indianapolis this year?  I may not have mentioned it recently but I live in Indy and work right smack in the middle of Downtown.  Boy howdy has it been nuts this week!  I've had to deal with the traffic and crowds for GenCon, Promise Keepers, various concerts and conventions, the Circle City Classic, etc.  I have never seen so many people in Indianapolis in my life.  And I'm one of the few people who hasn't gone to the Super Bowl Village!  I'm seeing these crowds and dealing with all this traffic out on the edges.  I can't imagine what it is like down on Georgia Street.

As for the Super Bowl Village and all the activities, well, I haven't made any effort to participate yet.  I might go down this afternoon as some co-workers are going to zip-line.  Kind of depends on how long they have to stand in line to do it.  I have no desire to hang out for hours just to see them fly through the air.  If I don't go today I might walk around at lunch tomorrow.  Otherwise I'll be one of the seemingly few people to miss it.  Which would be totally fine with me as I'm not one for crowds, strangers or crowds or strangers.

Due to the traffic it took me 45 minutes to get home Monday and an hour to get home Tuesday, most of the time just trying to get a mile to get out of Downtown.  Yesterday I went a different route and took the interstate.  It still took 45 minutes to get home since it takes me out of my way but at least the traffic was moving.  The only start/stop section I had was on the street waiting to hit the on-ramp.  The problem with the interstate is, like I said, it take me out of my way and I have to go through both the North and the South splits where there is an accident on a pretty much daily basis.  So just because it worked well yesterday doesn't mean I won't get stuck today or tomorrow.  It isn't a popular opinion to have - and I really am happy to have the Super Bowl here and glad things are going so well - but I will be "super" glad when it is over.

That's it.  My life is work, traffic and the Super Bowl.  Welcome to Indy!
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I was hoping to start blogging more regularly but obviously that hasn't happened. 
The weekend sucked big time.  I did not get the metric shit-ton of work done that I needed to do as I ended up sick.  I took it easy on Saturday as planned, going to the bookstore and generally doing not much of anything.  After the bookstore I stopped at my favorite Thai place and had Pad Pak Rum Mitt (mild) as an early dinner.  The food was super fantastic as always.  Went home and finished a book then went to bed.  About 3:00 AM I woke up sick as a dog - gastrointestinal distress of all kinds.  I won't go in to TMI but suffice it to say that it lasted until six ayem and when the smoke cleared I was desperately dehydrated, had a sore throat, and had pulled a muscle in my back. 

So Sunday I recovered.  I shouldn't have done anything but I got kind of OCD about the house being dirtly so I cleaned the kitchen, both bathrooms, and vacuumed.  After that the dehydration headache was too bad to contnue so I made myself relax.  Called the parents to tell them I was sick and not really in the mood to talk - they were sympathetic and understanding.  No one likes being sick.  Then I slept on the couch for three hours.  I wasn't intending to sleep that long but hey, I guess I needed it.  Didn't keep me from sleeping Sunday night either. 

Even though I've recovered from the sickies I've been taking it easy on the food front this week, doing cereal, rice, soup and yogurt for the most part.  Now it is lunch time on Wednesday and I am starved.  I have soup with me but I may go get a sandwich or something as I think I need something more substantial. 

In other news we had a meeting today for The Project From Hell where we went over the project plan for the next month.  Yeah, it won't work.  Not only because I'm leaving for vacation in three weeks so I won't be here for half of it but also because last time I checked I actually need to sleep occasionally.  The project plan is for 4 items that we haven't done requirements or design for yet and the vendor assumed 100% resource commitment to get it done.  Unfortunately I'm already at 100% for other tasks on The Project From Hell like ETL and Web Integration.  I'm good (if I do say so myself) but I can't commit 200% of my time.  At least not without going crazy.  Plus it isn't just me - the whole team was over-committed big time.  So the PM is going to have to redo the schedule and play some politics.  In the end we'll probably all still be over-committed and over-whelmed but maybe not as bad as it looks right now. 

Oh, who am I kidding?  We're going to be told to work overtime and do whatever it takes to get it done in the timeframe that the vendor set so that it doesn't cost us anymore money. 

Meanwhile I'm counting down to 2:00 PM on the 20th.  Freedom! 


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