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I feel like I should welcome myself back. I've been away so long. 
So Welcome, Me! 

The latest news in this life of mine is that I got a new car.  I am now the proud owner (along with the bank) of a 2010 Toyota Prius.  Yes, I went hybrid.  I've had it a week today and I must say that I love, Love, LOVE! this car.  I'm currently learning how to drive it to get the best gas mileage.  No long trips planned yet - just back and forth to work. 

The Vue has been returned to Saturn and I think I've finished all the grown-up stuff like calling the bank and the insurance company, etc.  Buying a new car has been a wee bit stressful (although no where near as stressful as buying the house) and I think I heard my bank account plead for mercy once.  But it was worth it! 

Work is still kicking my ass so I have no new book or movie reviews to post.  I just started a biography of Henry VIII but I'm not far enough into yet to have an opinion.  I recently watched Penelope, which I found incredibly cute.  What does it say about me that I liked the character more when she had the pig nose?  I plan to finally watch The Dark Knight this weekend and I should start getting the first season of Dexter next week so there's a good chance I'll have something to say about one or the other in the near future. 

If you haven't guessed I haven't really been doing anything worth sharing lately, other than buying the car of course.  I need to work this weekend again so there is little to no chance that I will recover from this bout of temporary brain death anytime soon.  I'm hoping to get back to a more normal existence sometime in September - just in time for my 40th birthday and a visit from my parents. 
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Wicked storms here yesterday.  I was nervous on the way home last night, wondering what I would find.  The house, though, seems to be in good shape - no evidence of roof leaks, no damage to windows or siding.  I did have a small tree that gave up the ghost.  The poor thing has been half dead since I bought the place and I just recently got around to pruning it back to living plant.  Yesterday I lost the rest of the old growth to the wind and excessive rain.  The new growth close to the ground made it through the storm though so I have hope for the little tree's future. 

After cleaning up the debris I finished Saturn's Children by Charles Stross.  As mentioned in a previous post I was a little unsure in the first 100 pages - it was good but it wasn't grabbing me, you know?  Well, somewhere around 150 pages in it finally grabbed me.  I had a really hard time putting it down Monday evening and last night I picked it back up as soon as I could and finished it.  Once the action got going it was just took a little while to get there.  In the end I really ended up liking Freya.  This actually kind of surprised me as there are several points in the book where she is too stupid to live.  No, I didn't throw the book at the wall.  I kind of think she was written that way on purpose as it was brought up by other characters several times.  A brain trust she is not. 
So, a good book.  A very enjoyable read.  And it still has me thinking about concepts like freedom and what it means to be an individual. 

I'm not sure what the next book will be.  Maybe Jay Lake's Green or a biography of Henry VIII?  It will probably depend on what I'm in the mood for when I get home tonight.  

The garden is nearly done.  I was able to get another handful of beans but I'm thinking the storm yesterday may have finished off that plant.  The tomato is looking a little worse for wear as well.  Plus I have a thief that keeps stealing not only the ripe (or almost ripe) tomatoes but the green ones as well.  Silly squirrel seems to think they belong to him! 

Work is work and the less said about that the better. 

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I've been unusually quiet on here lately.  After the #amazonfail fiasco where I posted several times a day there has lately been, well, nothing. 

Why?  Well, I'm back at work after my super-small vacation and let's just say I've been a wee bit busy, shall we?  In other words I've been working my ass off.  I was only out two work days but from the amount of stuff that has landed on my desk, or in my e-mail, since last Wednesday you'd think I'd been gone a month.  And everyone wants everything NOW!  Or yesterday if at all possible, thank you. 

When not here at work I have trying to relax.  Reading, watching movies, etc.  I overworked The Knee Friday mowing the lawn so I'm now stressed and in pain.  Wonderful.  I did start two new paintings on Saturday and that helped with the stress a little.  Let's hope things calm down here soon before I end up curled in a ball, rocking back and forth muttering to myself. 


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