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Today I
1) swept out and straightened the garage
2) dumped the containers from the container garden
3) cleaned said containers
4) cleaned the deck
5) unhooked the hose, drained, and put in the now clean garage
6) started to clean the gutters until I realized that I was wasting my time (leaves are still falling)
7) showered
8) two loads of laundry (so far)
9) assembled my med kit for my trip
10) put together my toiletries that will be in my checked bag
11) put together the toiletries that will be in my carry on bag
12) started packing my backpack

Whew!  I'm just a wee bit tired now.  Still to do is more laundry and figuring out exactly what clothes to pack.  I'll probably practice pack tomorrow.  I pretty much always practice pack for these big trips because I overpack the first time and it gives me a chance to pare things down a bit.  I still end up overpacking and I doubt this trip will be any different.  I'm going to be gone for 21 days (18 abroad), the weather is going to range from upper 40s at night to anywhere from mid-sixties to mid-eighties during the day.  That means layers.  Plus while we don't do the formal nights on the ship we do have to 'dress' - meaning I can't wear jeans and a T-shirt.  The key will be selecting pieces that can be put together to make several outfits, both casual and dressy.  And keeping my bag under the weight limit!  Daunting but doable.  Thank goodness we get laundry service on the ship or I'd be screwed. 

Now I'm going to update the iPod and the Kindle one more time before I leave, do more laundry, get the other spare key to my neighbor, and have a late lunch / early dinner. 

Only 5 days!  Oh my goodness I am so ready for this. 
*happy dance*
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I have a metric shit-ton of work to do around here this weekend but at the moment I'm doing my best to chill out and not think about it. 

The list, if anyone is interested, includes:
Cleaning the gutters
Weeding the flower beds

Putting down fertilizer
Putting the veggie garden to bed
Cleaning out the container garden
Cleaning the house
Shopping for books on Six Sigma (business process stuff)
Doing eLearning on Business Process Management
Re-reading two functional design documents for The Project From Hell
Doing a business requirement document on Web Integration for The Project From Hell
Doing a business requirement document on ETL (data movement) for The Project From Hell

Obviously not all of that will get done this weekend.  I did the gutters and weeding last night when I got home from work.  I was thinking about doing the FDD reviews after my shower but decided to leave them for later once it became clear that I was brain dead.  How did it become clear?  I was trimming wicks before lighting the candles when I realized that I did not in fact have an ashtray in my left hand but had for some reason picked up the box with the free sample of Purina Moist & Meaty dog food that came with the paper the other day.  Considering that the box was across the kitchen on a completely different counter from the ashtray it wasn't just an honest mistake of picking up the wrong one.  At that point I figured I'd had enough for the week, ordered pizza, cracked open a beer and read through collections of the comic strip Stone Soup until I decided to go to bed at 8:30 PM. 

So far today I haven't had any obvious moments of brain fatigue although I didn't sleep well.  My dreams kept circling back to work - The Project From Hell, the Informatica training I had last week, Web Integration, etc.  A never ending loop of weird dreams where work stuff and programing concepts kept creeping in.  I lost track of how many times I woke up. 

The plan for today, if I can stop obsessing about the list above, is to let as much of that crap go as I can and just relax for a while.  Meditate for a bit.  Maybe go to the bookstore and wander around.  I might do yoga later.  The house desperately needs cleaning so I expect to lose the relaxation battle at some point and just freaking get it done.  Until then I'm trying to just forget about it. 

Slightly less than four weeks before the big vacation.  I. Can. Not. Wait.
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Holy Crap!  How long has it been since I posted anything? 

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth.  I've been busy, mostly at work, and posting just really hasn't been on the radar. 

Work: Well, nothing much has changed here.  I'm still on the neverending project from hell although it is possible the end is in sight.  Or at least the end of this phase.  We have a proof of concept with the vendor this coming week, M-W, and then evaluation to see if we want to keep working with them or just say fuck it, find a new vendor or do it ourselves.  If we say no at the end of the week then I expect to get a break for a while until we decide what our next move is.  If we say yes to staying with this vendor I likely won't be free of this project until it is done or I quit, whichever comes first. 

Garden - veggies: The tomato plants are both doing well.  The squirrel is leaving the one on the deck alone this year, mostly because the one in the raised bed is so much easier to get to.  I've picked two tomatoes that were just turning red to bring them inside to ripen only to find little squirrel teeth marks in them.  I've already gotten two servings of beans from those plants with another two about ready to harvest.  There are green peppers that should be ready soon and basil for making pesto.  I lost the cucumbers though.  Not to bugs this time, just to my own stupidity.  I put them in the raised bed where they were doing great.  Seriously great - the things were taking over the entire bed and several feet of yard on all sides.  I was trying to maneuver them around so that the mowing guys could continue to do their thing back there when, well, I accidentally pulled up both plants.  I considered trying to replant them but decided against it.  So no cucumber this year.  I expect I'll add another bed and try again next year. 

Garden - flowers: The flower garden in the back corner is doing very well.  So far I've only lost about half a plant, one of the hot papaya cone flowers.  The whole plant isn't dead though so I'm hoping I can save it.  The colors are great and it looks lovely if a little wild, which is what I was going for.  It should be even better next year as things fill in.  Although I keep losing the cone flowers form some of the plants.  I think something is eating them as they are snapped right off the stem.  Birds?  The ducks or geese?  Who knows.  We don't have deer but we do have squirrel, chipmunks, opossum, raccoon, geese, several kinds of ducks, and stray cats. 

Reading:  My friend B- has been trying to get me to read George R.R. Martin's Son if Ice and Fire for years.  I picked up the first book several months ago then just let it sit in the TBR pile.  B- finally convinced me to "just read the prologue".  I did and then some.  In the last month I've read the first four books and I'm not working on book five that just came out.  These are some seriously amazing books.  I even loaned the first one to another friend, Z-, who was saying he needed something to read.  I also gave him an Ian Banks Culture novel and Mira Grant's Feed.  We'll see if he likes any of them as he tends to read more straight literature than genre.  But since genre is what I have to lend that is what he gets.  I'm about 25% of the way through A Dance With Dragons.  I don't know the exact page though - I got a Kindle so I'm reading this one electronically.  As much as I love the feel of real books I can get used to ebooks.  If nothing else there is the convenience of being able to buy and donwload right then and there when I find something I want to read.  Plus the ebook is usually cheaper.  The bad part is that some files don't contain page numbers (this SUCKS!), it isn't as easy to flip back and forth through the book, and I can't sell them later to HPB.  Still, even given the limitations I find myself looking at the e-version of books now.  In fact I went to Borders yesterday (had a coupon) and couldn't bring myself to buy much of anything as I kep thinking that it would be so much easier to have the book on my Kindle.  I think amazon must have implanted some sort of subliminal mind control in the device or something. 

Personal: I think I mentioned here before that I hurt my foot when I was putting in the raised bed.  I finally went to the clinic at work (free!) and had them look at it.  The NP had me wrap it in an ace bandage and take NSAIDs then come back in a week.  I did and the swelling went down a bit but the knot was still there so she sent me for x-rays.  Luckily the films came back showing that nothing is broken.  The swelling has gone down more and the pain has eased up a lot so I canceled my follow-up appointment this past Thursday.  I've stopped wrapping it although I'm still taking ibuprofen at half the original dosage she had me on.  I've also been using Blue-Emu on it which has done wonders.  It may be a timing thing, coincidence, or the placebo effect but I swear that the foot has healed more since I started using the Blue-Emu.  I'm keeping an eye on it though and will go to a podiatrist if it gets worse again. 

That's it for now.  I'll try not to let it be another month before I post again!
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Remember the picture of the flower garden I posted yesterday with all the weeds? 

This is what it looks like now:

Yes, I'm tired.

Hot Papaya Cone Flower in Full Bloom

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Work is the usual - we aren't going to talk about that right now.

When not working (HA!) I've been working on the flower bed in the back corner of the yard.  This space used to have trees before I had them taken out.  I started a perrenial garden back there last year.  This year I've been adding to it. 
These pics were taken last weekend - I've made some additions and put down some mulch since then (as in today).  More pics later.

Hot Papaya Cone Flower

I also added Pow Wow Berry Cone Flower, Mount Hood Cone Flower and Coreopsis.  Disregard the weeds.  Please.

The other day I was fixing my lunch while getting ready for work when I saw movement out the corner of my eye.  Something was crawling across my driveway.  It took a minute for me to realize that it was a turtle!  I went outside and sure enough I had a turtle in my driveway.  Since it was going to be something like 95 degrees I put on my gardening gloves, picked him up and took him back over the the pond.  The pond has steep banks covered with rocks (to keep the muskrats from burrowing) so I couldn't get him all the way down to the water.  So I gently tossed him back into the pond.  He didn't float back up so I'm assuming he was OK.  I mean turtles can swim and it's not like I lobbed him into the water. 

Here's the pic I took of him:

More pics, mostly of the gardens and the raised bed veggie patch later.
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I finally got the last of the mud out from under my fingernails. 

Let me explain. I woke up this morning before 9am, which is pretty much unheard of for me on a Saturday.  Unable to sleep I got up, ate, then put on my yard clothes and headed to Lowe's for mulch and garden soil.  For anyone who hasn't been paying attention to the weather in the Midwest section of the US, well, it has been raining here.  A lot.  So all the bags of mulch and dirt were pretty well soaked, making them about twice as heavy as normal.  Plus it meant that I got pretty dirty hauling them around.  Luckily I put down an old shower curtain in the back of the car to protect it so I don't have to spend the rest of the day cleaning my car. 

Back home I lugged the two bags of soil and my trusty shovel out to the new raised bed where I proceeded to spend the next 30 minutes turning the soil over and over with the shovel, mixing the new soil in as best I could.  Remember what I said about the rain?  Well, turning over the soil was fairly easy since everything is so wet.  It also left me with mud all over my shoes and about half way up my jeans.  That's OK - mud won't hurt me.  I then did all the mulch, brick red color, so by the time I was done with that my upper half was pretty much dyed red since all the mulch was soaking wet.  Then to the back garden to plan a couple of Black-Eyed Susans that P- brought me from her garden.  More mud.  Lastly I set up one of the containers on the deck, filled it with potting soil, and planted the radishes.  By this time I had mud/dirt/mulch stains pretty much all over me - jeans, shoes, socks, shirt, across my neck, all up my arms, on my face, in my hair - and my gardening gloves were black with dirt (they are usually white & green). 

Yard work done I showered, dressed and then went to the grocery store.  I'm half way through with my shopping, getting frozen veggies out of the case when I realize I still have dirt embedded under my nails.  Despite wearing gloves and then taking a shower I still had lines of black dirt under my nails.  GROSS!  I finished my shopping a quick as I could and got home.  I was so embarrassed.  It's all good now but damn, I feel like an idiot going out with dirty nails.  Thank goodness I got it all out of my hair before I left the house!

No more playing in the mud for me today.  I'll be goofing off the rest of today and then working from home tomorrow.  I worked overtime again this week and once again I'm still not done with everything I need to do.  So I'm looking at about 4 hours of work tomorrow.  I could do it today but I need a day off more than I need to get work shit done.  Plus it is supposed to rain tomorrow so I wouldn't be able to play outside anyway.  Unless I just wanted to wallow in the mud of course. 
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My yard still looks like shit but I have buds and blooms all over the place in the gardens.  So Yay! 
Some of the seed I put down is coming up but I still have spots that are just bare.  Not sure why.  I think I'm going to have to take the de-thatcher/aerator tool and dig up those sections a little then reseed.  Bummer.  I was hoping the overseeding would do it.  I would be out there working on it today - and still might - but I really don't want to seed today as we are supposed to get storms tonight and tomorrow.  Anything I put down could just end up washing away and I certainly don't want that.

Today I've done laundry, run the sweeper, and mopped the floors.  That's enough for one day, isn't it?  I'm also planning on cooking later - I think that is quite enough for one Sunday, don't you?

Not much else going on.  Work is a bitch, as always.  I still haven't won the lottery.  And I'm obsessed with my poor yard.  So pretty much business as usual here in good old Indiana! 



The Daffodils are blooming!

And the Tulips are almost ready:

And how about one of the neighbor's dog?  This is Howdy.

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The back yard is raked, seeded and watered.
All the flower beds have been cleaned up.
I've finished all the seed starts for this season.
The dead plants have been cut back or dumped out and the containers cleaned.
I've been to the grocery store. 
The dishwasher has been run and the laundry (towels and my gardening clothes) is ready for the dryer. 

My work here is done. 

Tomorrow?  I need to clean the house and I have some work I should probably get done before Monday.  Whether I do either of those will depend on how sore I am after today.  Fingers crossed that the weather is decent through Monday so I can get the roof inspected, find out how much damage there is - and how bad - and get any temporary repairs made before the next big storm hits.  It has rained twice since I realized a shingle was gone on the ridge far I haven't found any additional leaks beyond the one in the garage.  But it makes me super nervous and I really want to get the roof fixed soon. 

I'll start posting pictures of the gardens, seedlings, etc, once things start growing.  Nothing is blooming yet but the daffodils should be picture ready soon!
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I am doing shit today. 

I overseeded the front and side yards yesterday, a necessary step after last year's drought, so I went a bought a sprinkler today.  That purchase is currently running on the front lawn as I type, watering in the seed.  I'll move it to the side yard in about 15 minutes.  Then to the other side yard about 30 after that.  Then watering for today will be done. 

I also got my seed starting supplies so sometime today I plan to start my tomatoes, eggplant, basil, maybe the beans, and several types of flowers (cone flower, wallflower, and portulaca). 

And I have to work today.  Seriously!  No rest for the wicked, right?  I actually don't have much to do but we got an investment add from Marketing last week, at the last minute of course, and it has a really short time frame.  I've been doing these things for years so I told TPTB that I'd set everything up this weekend as I can get it done faster by myself than it will take me to train someone else.  Everyone agreed, some reluctantly (more on that in a minute) so I need to get it done today as I spent all day yesterday out in the yard raking, cleaning up leaves and debris in the gardens, seeding, etc.  Oh, and I hurt like a mother today but its a good hurt.

The reluctance was on the part of my new boss's boss, whom I'm kind of working for - think dotted line on the org chart.  Anyway I had my one-on-one with him earlier in the week and one of the big things that came out of that was that he needs me to start saying "NO" on the investment maintenance and discretionary work as that shit is taking up too much of my time.  If I'm going to be an architect and make time for the training I need, etc, I can't be spending half my week doing small work effort stuff.  He is absolutely correct, which is why I've been training the two new guys we have so they can take over.  But that takes time, they aren't quite there yet, and sometimes we get things last minute that need immediate response.  At those times I'm your girl because I know what I'm doing and I can move fast.  Thus the agreement to let me do it albeit reluctantly. 

The other part of that conversation is that he definitely sees me as one of the architects although we don't agree on where my talents lie.  He thinks in the Technical Architect and Business Process Architect quadrants.  I think in the Application Architect and Business Process quadrants.  We do agree that I can flex well and play in all four quadrants when required to (the quadrants are Technical, Application, Business Process, and Data).  So we'll see what happens.  He's still coming up with his plan but I get the feeling that in the next couple of months I'll be reporting directly to him and no longer doing what I'm doing now. 

Lots up in the air but I am seriously enjoying work more these days than I have in years!

OK - need to go move the sprinkler and get to work. 


Jan. 23rd, 2011 12:52 pm
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The seed catalog came just after Christmas - yesterday I put the order in.  Seeds are on their way!  Woo hoo! 
This time I took the catalog into work so several of us could combine our orders and get free shipping.  Would you believe that with four people ordering there wasn't a single duplicate?  Not one!  I'm not surprised with the flowers but you might think we'd pick some of the same veggies.  Nope. 

Now I can't wait to get the seeds.  I haven't decided if I'm going to start anything inside or just wait until May and start them outside like I normally do.  I'm ready for the growing season, tired of snow on the ground.  I have a lot of hard work to do this spring repairing the damage from last year's drought.  There's seeding to do, crabgrass to control, dead plants to is going to take a major amount of work.  Thank goodness I actually enjoy it! 

The trick is going to be finding the time to fit in yard work, the gym, and overtime at work.  I get the feeling I'm going to be a very busy little mythicalgirl this year.  By the time we get to October I should be more than ready for that long vacation!  So far I haven't worked on either my Italian or my Greek despite those being on my list of goals.  I was doing well with the gym goals until this last week - between a couple of appointments, snow, and super late nights at work I made it to the gym exactly zero times last week.  Oops!  I plan to do better this week.  No appointments.  Needing to stay late at work might be a problem but maybe I'll start bringing shower stuff and going in the afternoon instead of after work.  Or I could just get up earlier (painful!).  I'll work it out.  The one thing I won't do is blow off the gym completely - that is not acceptable.  My knees wouldn't let me anyway.  Going to the gym is what keeps me walking and I'm not about to give that up.

OK.  Laundry to do and books to read.  I worked from home yesterday so today is a work-free day and I mean to enjoy it!   


Jul. 15th, 2010 12:04 pm
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Temps in the mid 90s today.  When I came in to work this morning it was already in the 80s and way humid.  This is our 11th day over 90 this year - the average is 14 a year.  And the forecast is calling for 90 or higher all weekend.  So yeah, I think we are going to beat the average this year.  

No word from the window company on my new windows.  Its early yet though.  They should be here around the first week of August but I was kind of hoping to get a call saying they were here early so that the installation could happen when Mom & Dad are here next week.  If not I'll just have to work from home a day or two while they are being installed.  No biggie.  

I made it back to the gym twice so far this week.  I got my routine all out of whack in May/June what with being sick, pulling a muscle in my back, and the brother-in-law situation.  It's taken me weeks to get back into something like a routine and it still isn't really 'set' yet.  Tonight is yoga so long as I can get away from my desk by 5:00 pm.  If not I'll head down when I can and do weights and the eliptical.  I really want to go to yoga even though it kills me every time - lots and lots of Sun Salutation B.  This isn't the easy stretching, hold the pose for 5 minutes type of yoga.  This is ashtanga, move quickly with the breath, raise the heat in the body, dripping sweat and shaking by the end kind of yoga.  Kicks my butt every time but damn if I don't feel great when its over.  

In brother-in-law news, he is still in the LTAC but doing great.  His kidneys came back on line so he is done with dialysis and they removed the port.  He's eating although not as much as he probably should.  Sissy is going over for a slumber party with him tonight - going to stay the night in his room and bring pizza & breakfast - so maybe he'll eat better when it isn't hospital food.  He has a Passy-Muir valve on his trache now so he can talk, etc.  Hopefully he'll be done with the trache by the end of the week and they can let that close up.  I think once they can do that and remove the feeding tube, and once they finish the IV antibiotics and do new cultures, he should be close to going to a Physical Therapy rehab.  The LTAC is great but PT isn't their big thing and while they are doing PT he will need to go to a specialized rehab to learn to walk, etc.  So still a ways to go but everything is still moving along in the right direction.  

And lastly in garden news, my zucchini plant bit the dust.  Well, more like it got infested.  I checked it last night and the dirt was just teeming with all sorts of bugs and worms and spiders.  Ughh!  The plant itself was looking really sad and when I started trying to mess with it pieces started breaking off so it was diseased from all the insect activity.  It is now in the back corner of the yard where all the debris goes.  I'm letting the container dry out a bit before dumping the soil - I didn't want to try to carry it back to the back corner last night as all the bugs were very active.  Just thinking about it gives me the willies!  Hopefully the other plants will be OK but I'm not confident about that.  They seem fairly bug free but with the weird weather this summer (too hot then too wet then too hot then too dry, etc) they all look a wee bit sad and aren't producing like they did last year.  I'll have to do some research on zucchini pests and see if there's an organic way to control them before I try those again. 

OK.  Lunch then back to work.  Today is merit increase day so I find out at 3:30 if I got a raise, and if so how much.  Wish me luck!
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First, the latest update on the BIL.  J- is doing much better.  Still in PICU at the hospital as insurance is being a dick about sending him to long-term acute care.  Sissy asked what happens to him if insurance never agrees to it and they answered that he will stay right where he is until ready for "normal" rehab (which insurance is jut peachy fine with.  go figure).  J- is more lucid and is trying to sit up.  He's able to raise himself up using the rails on his bed, although he had to be cautioned not to just grab for the closest thing as that is the tube for his ventilator.  Don't want to rip that puppy out!  Although he has ripped out one IV so far.  He definitely does not like all the thinks stuck into him and want to go home.  Sis and the nurses keep having to remind him that he has been very sick and has been in the hospital for over 3 weeks.  I get the impression that he doesn't believe them, which makes sense as he doesn't remember coming to the hospital in the first place. 

In other news I've started my next project as a homeowner and have started talking to people about getting new windows installed.  I used Angie's List and Google to find companies in my area with good ratings and set up two appointments for estimates this week.  The first one on Monday was great.  They were on time, actually talked to me rather than give a presentation, had good products to choose from, and came in under my budget.  The second one I didn't even meet with as they pissed me off.  They called last night 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time to tell me that the guy was running late, was just leaving the north side and would be there in an hour or so.  I said no, that is too late so don't bother.  Had they called before the appointment time or if they were calling to say he was stuck in traffic trying to get to the south side I would have been much more understanding.  But I have no patience with a company that can't even be punctual or considerate of my time especially when they should be trying to get my business.  Angie's List is asking for a review of them so I'm trying to think of a way to write it without getting all pissy.  Because yes, they pissed me off. 

So I currently have one estimate from a company I liked and I'm not sure if I'm even going to get others.  Sometimes you just have to go with your gut, you know?  I was going to decide today after sleeping on it but I'm still not sure.  I'll think about it some more then make a decision. 
The garden is doing OK despite being battered by almost daily severe storms.  We are having very weird weather for Indiana, more like August than June, and all my plants are confused.  Too much rain (half the city had flooded intersections yesterday) and temps way above normal.  I went outside at lunch and it is very hot, very humid.  Temps today around 93 F and it feels like it already.  When I left this morning my back yard was still a swamp from all the rain so maybe the heat will dry it out a bit.  I'm hoping the veggies come through this OK - they should since they are in containers so they drain well.  The perennial garden may not be so lucky as it's been a little swampy for the last week.  That's what I get for planting drought resistant plants native to Indiana - as soon as I put them in the ground we get more rain than we've seen in months. 

OK - time for me to go to a meeting.  Later!
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My sis has been sending out regular updates to family and friends.  J- is still in SICU but we are seeing regular improvement these days.  His white blood cell count is back down into the normal range.  His liver billirubin number is below 10!  YAY!  He is still having daily dialysis, which is why he's still in SICU.  Once they get him down to dialysis 3 times a week he can be moved back to PICU.  Their case manager is starting the process of finding him a bed in an acute care rehab center.  One is in Charlotte, very near home.  The other two are each two hours away, which would not be Sissy's preference but it all depends on where there is a bed.  Once he's out of ICU he'll be going to long-term acute care for a while to get his strength back, learn to walk with his temporary hip, etc. 

He's still on a ventilator but they moved from a mouth vent to a trache.  They also moved his feeding tube from his nose to his stomach.  Seems like a negative thing but both these are really positives as it gets the vent out of his mouth, lets his vocal cords heal, etc.  He still needs the help breathing, which considering how sick he is and what all he's been through is understandable.  The trache lets him get the help he needs while he needs it without further damage. 

Sissy is doing better as well.  She has gone back to work part time and I really think focusing on her patrons and the summer reading program are helping her get her equilibrium back.  Being the Library Lady isn't just her job, it is part of who she is, and the last few weeks have kind of thrown that for a loop.  Getting back to work has helped her find her center again, which can only help both her and J-.  Hard for her to be strong for him and be his cheerleader when she's pooped and all scattered. 

As for me I'm just back here in Indiana doing my thing.  We've been hot, humid, and having severe thunderstorms recently.  Yesterday and today are nice but the humidity comes back tomorrow along with temps in the 90s (F) this weekend.  I do believe I will be spending a lot of time inside.  My former neighbor got out of jail last night and is living with some other neighbors until he gets on his feet.  There will be a cookout Saturday and I suppose I'll put in an appearance.  I do feel kind of weird about it though so I doubt I'll stay long. 

The gardens, both flower and vegetable, are coming along nicely.  I'll take some pics here soon and post them.  And I have a list of companies to call to get estimates on windows so I'm being a good home owner, taking care of my house, etc. 

Seriously, I could use a nap!  More updates as I get them. 
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This cold/sinus infection will just not go away.  I did OK last weekend, doing yard work both Saturday and Sunday.  Got my shoulders a little extra crispy and had to stop a few times to blow my nose but did alright.  Monday and Tuesday I worked full days and made it back to the gym, I was feeling so good.  The cough had ramped up a bit but the head full of snot seemed to be easing up.  Wednesday I was pooped so I just went to work and nothing else - a typical hump day then as it is usually my rest day, not a gym day.  Thursday I was even more pooped, coughing constantly, and back to a head of not so clear snot.  I tried to go to the gym (yes, I am stupid sometimes) but after 15 minutes even I had to admit defeat.  I stopped at the Immediate Care on the way home and I now have antibiotics.  

Yesterday was OK - not great but I made it through a full day of work.  I went to bed early, well, early for me for a Friday night, and let myself sleep in this morning.  Then I got crackin!  Weeded the gardens, pruned a couple of shrubs including the ginormous lilac out back, cleaned the kitchen and the master bath, packed up books and sold them at Half Price, and went to the grocery store.  Now I am kicking back while doing a couple load of laundry.  Yes I probably did too much today (I can feel my energy draining away as I type) and I expect to feel kind of crappy here soon but there was method to my madness.  I got as much done today as I possibly could so that tomorrow and Monday (Memorial Day here in the States and a day off.  Woo Hoo!) I can sit back and do, well, nothing.  Just take my drugs and sleep.  There may be some more cleaning and laundry but nothing major and not enough at one time to wear me out.  

So that is the plan.  Watch the movies I have from Netflix, read a couple of books, maybe drink a beer or three, and just relax and try to get better. 

Wish me luck!

P.S. I harvested the first few radishes from my garden, have a bloom on the tomato plant, and the bean seeds have sprouted!
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Despite the head full of snot I made it the full day at work, both yesterday and today.  Got home at a decent time as I skipped the gym and found myself with several hours of sunshine left on an absolutely gorgeous day.  I ate some dinner (first time in days as sinus drainage = no appetite) and thought "I'll change out of my work duds and get my yard clothes on.  Go out and catch up with my neighbors, plant those black-eyed susan's that P- gave me, spread the mulch, and....and....and I need to sit down."

Ten minutes of coughing, wheezing, blowing my nose and just trying to freaking breathe later and I decided maybe I need to scale things back just a tad. 

The yard clothes will wait as will the plants and the mulch, etc.  My big accomplishments for this evening, besides actually eating dinner, are taking a bag of trash out to the toter and washing a load of laundry (towels).  That's it.  I'm going to sit on the couch with the finale of America's Next Top Model and a mug of tea.  Maybe read a bit if I can stay up past sundown. 

My To Do list has quite a few items on it:
  • WalMart/Target/Meijer for household items and toiletries
  • Lawn and Garden Center for mulch, potting soil, veggie plants/seeds
  • Re-potting the house plants
  • Planting the container garden
  • Spreading mulch (both the 6 bags I already have plus more)
  • Weeding the gardens
  • Planting the black-eyed susan's
  • Vacuuming the house
If I get even a quarter of that list done I'll be happy and consider it a productive weekend.  Heck, if I get just one thing on the list done I'll be happy.  As much as I'd like to get everything done I am admitting I'm sick and it just isn't going to happen. 

Maybe next weekend. 
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The shrub is a Rhododendron.  I'm not sure exactly what type though as research is returning a whole bunch of possibilities with pink flowers.  "Cheer" and "Elviira" are possibilities.  To know for sure I'll need to send pics to the Purdue Extension Service. I'm not sure if I need to go that far though.  At least we know it is a rhododendron. 
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The previous owner of my house planted a lot of stuff.  Mom and Dad have helped to identify most of them as I am still learning this stuff.  However there is one plant (bush?) that has never been in bloom when they are here and they've been unable to identify at other times of the year. 

So we have pictures!

This is the vegetation in question in bloom:


And here is a close up of the flower (and not a bad photo if I do say so myself)

Anyone have any ideas?

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Somehow I've managed to stay at 205 pounds for the last two weeks.  No fluctuations, no nothing.  Just a solid 205.  I haven't been doing nearly as well on the healthy eating front but I've been working my tail off at the gym so I've evidently reached a state of equilibrium.  I'm jumping back on the healthy eating bandwagon so hopefully that number will start going down again soon. 


I just lost the rest of my post.  Tried to do a spell check and it ate two thirds of what I'd written. 


I'll do it later.  Suffice it to say that I'm tired and sore from my workout Tuesday.  I took yesterday as a rest day.  Today it is back to the gym but I promise to be careful not to hurt myself. 

And there is lots of gardening stuff to talk about.  The first set of veggies, planted in the ground, are poking their little heads up!  The containers are still a couple of weeks from planting - have to wait until no more chances of frost.  Then there is the big section of the back yard that I'm planning on turning into a perennial garden.  With a fairy ring of hostas around the tree.  And I haven't even decided what to do with the area behind the tree yet! 

Yes, I am insane.  

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I have been a very productive puppy this weekend.  The flower beds have been weeded, the car has been washed, and the house cleaned.  I also watched two movies from Netflix, finished The Manual Of Detection by Jedediah Berry, and started Acacia: The War With The Mein by David Anthony Durham.   What I haven't done so far is go to the grocery store but that can wait.  I have enough around here for breakfast and lunch tomorrow so there is no need to run off to Kroger right this instant.   

I currently have the towels in the washer and the dishwasher is almost done.  Now I just need to decide if I'm doing leftovers for dinner or if I'm going to treat myself and go out.  And if I do go out do I go for Tex-Mex or Sushi?  At the moment I can't decide but I'm pretty sure that has something to do with being pooped.  You know, I used to think weekends were restful.  Then I bought a house. 
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The radishes were just as good Wednesday and Thursday as they were the other day.  Although I think I need to give the remaining plants a few more days before I pull them.  There only seem to be little ones left as I've already eaten the big ones!  The lettuce should be ready in another week.  Hopefully the beans and the cucumbers will be ready by the end of the month.  Everything else should hit harvest time around July. 

Other than my early trouble with thieving critters this container gardening thing has been pretty easy.  I would love to have a large, proper garden in the yard but I'm not sure my yard is suited for that.  It slopes gently on one side, not so gently on the other, towards the back of the property.  The only flat part at the far back by the fence doesn't have very good drainage.  I can see the sharply sloping side replaced with terraces for a garden, complete with rock walls and steps.  What I can't see is me doing the work, hiring a landscaper to do it, or how to promote it as positive feature whenever I go to sell the house. 

The flower beds are in decent shape.  They need weeding again and I really want to dig out those crappy yuccas on the south side of the house.  Several of the larger bushes need trimming back already due to all the rain we had this spring.  All of which I should do this weekend before it gets really hot again.  My lazy ass, however, would rather sit inside or out on the back porch and finish Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra.  I finally made it past the midway point last night and I'm determined to finish the last 400 pages this weekend.  

Right.  I need to finish the code I'm working on so I don't feel like such a slacker.  Today is a gym day so there is an hour of cardio in my near future.  The grocery shopping will have to wait until tomorrow or Sunday cause I'm probably going to be pretty stinky when I leave the gym and once I get home I tend not to want to go back out again. 

Book reviews of Shadows Over Baker Street and Paper Cities, both anthologies, will be posted tomorrow, I promise! 


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