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I have a metric shit-ton of work to do around here this weekend but at the moment I'm doing my best to chill out and not think about it. 

The list, if anyone is interested, includes:
Cleaning the gutters
Weeding the flower beds

Putting down fertilizer
Putting the veggie garden to bed
Cleaning out the container garden
Cleaning the house
Shopping for books on Six Sigma (business process stuff)
Doing eLearning on Business Process Management
Re-reading two functional design documents for The Project From Hell
Doing a business requirement document on Web Integration for The Project From Hell
Doing a business requirement document on ETL (data movement) for The Project From Hell

Obviously not all of that will get done this weekend.  I did the gutters and weeding last night when I got home from work.  I was thinking about doing the FDD reviews after my shower but decided to leave them for later once it became clear that I was brain dead.  How did it become clear?  I was trimming wicks before lighting the candles when I realized that I did not in fact have an ashtray in my left hand but had for some reason picked up the box with the free sample of Purina Moist & Meaty dog food that came with the paper the other day.  Considering that the box was across the kitchen on a completely different counter from the ashtray it wasn't just an honest mistake of picking up the wrong one.  At that point I figured I'd had enough for the week, ordered pizza, cracked open a beer and read through collections of the comic strip Stone Soup until I decided to go to bed at 8:30 PM. 

So far today I haven't had any obvious moments of brain fatigue although I didn't sleep well.  My dreams kept circling back to work - The Project From Hell, the Informatica training I had last week, Web Integration, etc.  A never ending loop of weird dreams where work stuff and programing concepts kept creeping in.  I lost track of how many times I woke up. 

The plan for today, if I can stop obsessing about the list above, is to let as much of that crap go as I can and just relax for a while.  Meditate for a bit.  Maybe go to the bookstore and wander around.  I might do yoga later.  The house desperately needs cleaning so I expect to lose the relaxation battle at some point and just freaking get it done.  Until then I'm trying to just forget about it. 

Slightly less than four weeks before the big vacation.  I. Can. Not. Wait.
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The weekend was too short - probably because I worked half of it.  My to do list - both at work and at home - doesn't seem to be getting any shorter these days. 

Right now I have a wicked headache (left side of the head only, per usual) and a sour tummy, both of which are probably in at least some small way related to lack of sleep and excessive stress.  I promised myself that I would go to the gym and ride the bike 3-4 times this week though (unless I'm running a fever) and that is what I'm gonna do.  The exercise helps with the stress, big time.  And when I get home there will be 15 minutes of meditation, which should help as well. 

And I've made a deal with myself that if I can't sleep again tonight I'm going to get up and paint a fucking masterpiece.  Beats staring at the wall. 

Off to the gym.  Fingers crossed that I don't hurl. 
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You know how sometimes you just grab hold of a day and kick it's ass?  Yeah, today not so much.  It hasn't been a terrible day or anything but I'm cranky and the storms last night kept me awake.  Leaving me with a very short fuse.  I'm not sure how I managed to get through the day without taking someones head off.  I did lose it earlier in a meeting but not with anyone in particular and in a way that everyone else seemed to find quite enjoyable.  I guess I was the day's amusement - which doesn't really make me feel any better. 

I picked up two more projects today, both of which need to be done by the first week of July.  And both are nothing but big black holes where specs are concerned.  And a third project that I was supposed to start two days ago but just got around to today is already stalled because the zip file from the vendor is corrupted.  *sigh*  Can I give up now? 

I need to shake this mood.  I have it way better than some people - I'm healthy, I have a job, I have savings, I'm loved, I like my life.  Things most definitely do not suck.  But when I'm cranky like this it is hard to put (or keep) things in perspective.  I get cranky about having to look at cars to replace mine (lease is up in a couple months) when I should be thankful that I have the money to buy a decent car in the first place.  I get aggravated that I still need to go to the grocery store when there are people who can't afford food.  Perspective, girl.  Get some. 

So, I am going to head to the gym and spend as long on the elliptical as I possible can and try to sweat out some of this mood. 
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I'm posting from home tonight rather than at work.  Vacation was faboo but I came home to news that the Company is reducing costs - which means people are going to lose their jobs.  I'm trying to be a good girl and not spend half my day surfing, blogging, or just plain goofing off. 

I will post all the details about the trip later once I have some pics to share. 

Snow was waiting for me when I got home.  Over a foot of the stuff.  Then another 4 inches this morning.  So I have shoveled twice since getting back Sunday night.  The Knee is not happy.  It did great while I was gone - I think the heat in Central America helped.  Now that I'm back in the frozen wasteland of the Midwest it is making its displeasure known.  I've made the obligatory appointment with my regular doctor but it isn't until later in the month.  Fingers crossed that my knee manages to hang in there until then.  

I've done a quick surf through the blogs I read on a regular basis.  Normally I would probably have something to comment on but right now I'm tired, cranky, and ready to fix dinner.  

I promise a longer post later.  In the meantime, check out my sissy's blog.  She has a bunch of new book reviews up! 


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