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Hey, guess what? 

Today is vacation day! 

Oh, yeah, baby!  just a few more minutes here in the office tidying up last minute things then I'm on vacation for three weeks.  And not a moment too soon if you ask me. 

Bags are packed (and heavy - what am I taking, bricks?), the house is prepped, my house sitter is also prepped, work is as done as its going to it is just a matter of time until the car comes to pick me up. 

Checked the available seats for my flight this afternoon - the plane is full, full, full except for first class.  Here's hoping I can score an upgrade (fingers crossed).  Either way I'll soon be in Texas chilling with my parents until my flight overseas tomorrow. 

Keep you fingers crossed that my bag isn't over the weight limit.  I packed once, decided it was too heavy, took out some things and packed again, thought it was still too heave, made a couple more changes, and now I think it is as good as it is going to get.  Still feels really heavy to me although maybe I'm just weak! 

Expect blogging to be intermittent over the next three weeks.  Totally depends on internet availability.  I might send a few short updates from my iPod but I don't expect to have solid internet until I'm on the ship next Tuesday.  I'm not sure about posting pictures yet so that may have to wait until I get back. 

Wish me safe travels.  
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This will be short as:
a) it is time to go home
b) my brain is mush

As of today it is 10 (TEN!) days until my grand vacation. 

Have I mentioned lately how much I've been working and how much I want, nay NEED, this vacation? 
I need this big time, man, BIG TIME! 

The only tasks on the To Do list include cleaning, emptying the fridge and unhooking the garden hose - all of which can be done this weekend or early next week.  Everything else is done or isn't really a necessity. (Like putting the garden to bed and emptying the containers on the deck.  It would be great if I got those done before I leave but no big if I don't) 

The next list is What To Pack, which requires some more research on the expected weather conditions and some thinking.  I will not be doing this now - see b) above for why. 


Time To Go

Sep. 16th, 2010 01:56 pm
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I'm about 30 minutes away from leaving work and heading to the airport for the first leg of my trip.  Which is good as vacation brain has fully set in and I'm pretty much worthless now.  My bags are packed and in the car.  I've verified (several times) that I have my passport.  I still have a sinus infection although it seems to be getting better.  It is mostly in my nose today, less in my ears and throat.  Fingers crossed that chewing gum and sucking on lozenges gets me to Texas OK. 

Mom and Dad will meet me at the airport then it is off to their place for the evening and a simple meal tonight for my Birthday Dinner.  We may actually go out tomorrow for a Birthday brunch - I haven't decided yet.  Then Gary comes to pick Dad and I up at 3:00 pm to take us back to the airport and our flight to Madrid.  Sometime Saturday morning we'll arrive in Madrid, go through immigration, and have a short layover until our flight to Venice where we'll meet up with C- and T- for a week of good Italian fun. 

Happy Birthday To Me! 

Vacation recap blogging complete with pictures when I get back! 
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Just days before I leave for Italy and I have a sinus infection.  I was pretty sure something was going on yesterday while I was working from home.  I woke up with the sinus pressure and headache, all on the left side of my head, per usual, and I was hoping it was just a reaction to the fact that it was raining for the first time in over a month.  No such luck.  The headache was followed by the sore throat was followed by the stuffed up ears was followed by waking up this morning with a head full of snot.  Ugh.  A nine hour flight at 35000 feet with a sinus infection is pretty much the ninth circle of hell so I took my sick butt down to Immediate Care earlier today.  Evidently everyone else in Indianapolis also has a sinus infection as the place was packed.  Right now I'm feeling okay - not great but I can function.  And I have drugs so I'm good. 

My practice packing is done and the new suitcase will do just fine.  I painted it to make it easier to recognize amongst all the other black 25'' wheeled jobbies.  No pictures of it yet but I'll post some after Mom & Dad see it.  My shopping is finished as well (I think) and my passport is in my travel purse so I can stop obsessing about leaving it behind.  I should be doing another couple hours of work today but I'm thinking about curling up on the couch instead.  I may end up skipping the gym this week in order to get my work done before I leave.  Plus the fact that I can't breathe to work out, that might be a reason to skip too. 

And now I need to take some OTC sinus meds and maybe take a short nap.  I'll be way busy the next few days and I don't know what kind of internet access I'll have in Italy so blogging may be sparse to non-existent for the next couple of weeks.  Play nice!
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Final preparations are going on around the Mythical Villa right now.  Laundry, practice packing, shopping for last minute items - the usual.  I still need to get the spare key and contact numbers to my neighbor.  And over the next couple of days I'll be cleaning out what's left in the fridge.  Thankfully I don't leave until Thursday and Wednesday is trash day so I should be able to get rid of everything that would spoil before I go and not have it sitting in the toter either. 

At the moment I'm working.  Yes it is Saturday but if I want to be gone for 6 work days and not obsess about shit I need to get things to a good stopping point before I leave and that means working some today and tomorrow.  This is the price I pay for going on vacation during the third quarter - Q3 and Q4 are always my busiest times.  I'm usually the one covering for everyone else's vacations so I figure it is my turn.  I will admit that vacation brain is trying to take over, big time.  I just need to concentrate for a few more days then I can let go and enjoy myself. 

Now if I can just stop dreaming that I'm at the airport and I've left my passport at home.....



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