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This one is from February 19, 2003 at 1:43 PM.  Obviously influenced by the classical studies and mythology classes I was taking at the time.  If I remember correctly in my mythology class we had to take one of the characters from Greek Mythology and make a new myth for them.  I wrote a (very) short story.  No, I don't remember what kind of grade I got but since I aced the class it couldn't have been too bad!

Behind the cut for f-list mercy.

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I'm bored and still having trouble concentrating today so I decided to clean out my directory on the network.  You know, get rid of old files, delete shit that has been out there for years.  I have a serious amount of old junk stored out there so it is taking a while to get through, especially since I'm opening each file to see what it is before I hit delete.

That's how I found this jem.  I must have been extremely bored on October 21, 2005 when I wrote this (at 4:30 PM if anyone cares).  I was still reading a lot of paranormal romance at that time and I think it was before I stopped reading Laurell K Hamilton completely.  It comes off as really bad fan fic complete with Mary Sue.  Thankfully it isn't long. 

Behind the cut to spare the refined sensibilites of my readers! 
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This day has pretty much been a complete waste of time. That project that I was finally able to work on? Blew up in the first 15 minutes and is back with the vendor. Pretty much as expected, really. I am not enjoying the waiting around though. Bored puppy is bored. 


So the day has been spent following up on a couple other small projects and surfing the web. Not, I’m sure, what my boss would prefer me to be doing with my time. Unfortunately I can’t do anything on the big project – when I say it blew up I mean it BLEW UP! No data, no work-around, just a screen full of angry red error messages. Which as a programmer I actually find pretty exciting as it can be a challenge to figure out what is causing the problem. Not so much when it is vendor code though. Black box shit pisses me off cause I can’t do anything. Except wait. Which I am. (Not very patiently I might add) 


So in place of work there has been the aforementioned surfing of the web as well as a couple of walks around the building. Alas, neither of the walks was anywhere near long enough. Only twice around the building and then back inside to the bliss known as air conditioning. It is HOT here. Like 92 degrees hot. Walking in this heat in work clothes (meaning long pants and a blouse) makes for a sweaty, stinky girl. Which in turn wouldn’t make my coworkers any happier, let me tell you. Thus the short walks. 


And now I not so patiently wait for five o’clock so I can leave and go get my hair cut. Yep, it’s just a non-stop party here. However will I stand the excitement?

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Dear Brain,

We have work to do.  Please be so good as to stop playing on the internetz and get to work.  Be a good brain and I might let you peruse lolcatz later. 

Sincerely, Mgmt
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Lots to do.  And not a shred of motivation to do any of it. 

You know, I get paid for doing more than surfing the web.  I should probably actually do something

So far what I've done today is a lot of busy work while listening to the tunes I downloaded last night.  I need to do a review of Rachael Yamagata's new release.  All I can say right now is just "WOW".  I need to listen to it a bit more before I can write something to do it justice. 

At the moment I'm listening to The Cruxshadows.  Yes, I have eclectic tastes.  So sue me. 

I'm off on a quest to find my motivation.  I'll either make it work for me or beat it into submission.  Wish me luck!


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