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I really should be working.  There's a metric shit-ton to do and just no freaking time.  The weekend is the only time I have where I'm not getting bothered or in meetings or answering everyone else's questions. 

And yet here I am on the weekend NOT WORKING!  I did log in to work for about 5 minutes - long enough to block out my work calendar in a vain attempt to carve out some time for me to do my own assignments rather than attend meetings, etc.  Then I logged out and said forget it.  Not working today.  Yes, it means I'll have to work 10-11 hour days this week but damn it I deserve my weekends.

So I'm not working, and not feeling all that guilty about it either.  I am tired and sore - cut the grass for the first time yesterday then today I roughed up the bare spots & seeded, overseeded the front-and side yards, put down plant food + weed control on all the flower beds, spread fertilizer on the entire yard, and watered.  All that after the trip to Lowe's to get the seed and stuff. 

Tired puppy is tired. 

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go play.  Or take a nap.  Or something.  Anything but work!
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OK, technically Spring doesn't arrive until later this week.  Indiana, however, didn't seem to get the memo as we've been in the upper 70's or even around 80 degrees for the last several days and counting.  It is absolutely glorious here today - mostly sunny and warm with a light breeze.  So amazing out that I got out the lawnmower and cut the grass!  Yep, I'm not hiring the lawn guys this year as I want to start doing it myself again.  One it saves me about $160 a month and two it is good exercise.  Plus I actually like mowing - it destresses me big time.  Finding the time to do it has been the hard part (plus not hurting my damn knees in the process).  If it doesn't work out I can always hire someone again.  But I actually like the way the yard looks when I'm done with my little electric mower better than it did after the guys got finished. 

Next up is waiting to see if it rains any this evening or tomorrow and putting down the weed & feed.  My yard, it is weeds!  I also have a metric shit-ton of weeds in the flower beds that need taking care of - not today as I'm pooped but soon.  And cleaning then restaining the deck.  And planting annuals.  And getting the chimney cap inspected.  And, and, and...

The garage door is handled at least.  The new one should be here in a couple of weeks and then can get installed, hopefully while I'm on vacation.  Yes, I'm taking the first week of April off - and not going anywhere this time.  Its just time to get some stuff done around the house balanced with some major vegging out.  I can not wait! 

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, yes I feel better.  Still have a bit of a cough and some stuffiness but nothing like I did.  Plus those could technically be put down to allergies.  The point is that I feel pretty good right now but I'm still working on not overdoing it.  Like today - I normally would have immediately started tackling the weeds once I finished mowing.  Instead after the yard was done I called it a day, took a shower, and am now kicking back.  I'm learning.  Slowly but I am learning. 

Oh again!  Discount Armegeddon by Seanan McGuire?  Absolutely Freaking Amazing!  It is a great read and well worth your time.  It is a great world, a lot of fun, and doesn't take itself too seriously.  Not that it is a satire or spoof though - it just doesn't have that heavy brooding feel that so many UF books do.  Plus Verity?  No super powers!  Talk about refreshing.  Seriously go read it. 

And now I'm going to finish some laundry and probably take a nap.  Later!
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Today I
1) swept out and straightened the garage
2) dumped the containers from the container garden
3) cleaned said containers
4) cleaned the deck
5) unhooked the hose, drained, and put in the now clean garage
6) started to clean the gutters until I realized that I was wasting my time (leaves are still falling)
7) showered
8) two loads of laundry (so far)
9) assembled my med kit for my trip
10) put together my toiletries that will be in my checked bag
11) put together the toiletries that will be in my carry on bag
12) started packing my backpack

Whew!  I'm just a wee bit tired now.  Still to do is more laundry and figuring out exactly what clothes to pack.  I'll probably practice pack tomorrow.  I pretty much always practice pack for these big trips because I overpack the first time and it gives me a chance to pare things down a bit.  I still end up overpacking and I doubt this trip will be any different.  I'm going to be gone for 21 days (18 abroad), the weather is going to range from upper 40s at night to anywhere from mid-sixties to mid-eighties during the day.  That means layers.  Plus while we don't do the formal nights on the ship we do have to 'dress' - meaning I can't wear jeans and a T-shirt.  The key will be selecting pieces that can be put together to make several outfits, both casual and dressy.  And keeping my bag under the weight limit!  Daunting but doable.  Thank goodness we get laundry service on the ship or I'd be screwed. 

Now I'm going to update the iPod and the Kindle one more time before I leave, do more laundry, get the other spare key to my neighbor, and have a late lunch / early dinner. 

Only 5 days!  Oh my goodness I am so ready for this. 
*happy dance*
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My yard still looks like shit but I have buds and blooms all over the place in the gardens.  So Yay! 
Some of the seed I put down is coming up but I still have spots that are just bare.  Not sure why.  I think I'm going to have to take the de-thatcher/aerator tool and dig up those sections a little then reseed.  Bummer.  I was hoping the overseeding would do it.  I would be out there working on it today - and still might - but I really don't want to seed today as we are supposed to get storms tonight and tomorrow.  Anything I put down could just end up washing away and I certainly don't want that.

Today I've done laundry, run the sweeper, and mopped the floors.  That's enough for one day, isn't it?  I'm also planning on cooking later - I think that is quite enough for one Sunday, don't you?

Not much else going on.  Work is a bitch, as always.  I still haven't won the lottery.  And I'm obsessed with my poor yard.  So pretty much business as usual here in good old Indiana! 



The Daffodils are blooming!

And the Tulips are almost ready:

And how about one of the neighbor's dog?  This is Howdy.

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The back yard is raked, seeded and watered.
All the flower beds have been cleaned up.
I've finished all the seed starts for this season.
The dead plants have been cut back or dumped out and the containers cleaned.
I've been to the grocery store. 
The dishwasher has been run and the laundry (towels and my gardening clothes) is ready for the dryer. 

My work here is done. 

Tomorrow?  I need to clean the house and I have some work I should probably get done before Monday.  Whether I do either of those will depend on how sore I am after today.  Fingers crossed that the weather is decent through Monday so I can get the roof inspected, find out how much damage there is - and how bad - and get any temporary repairs made before the next big storm hits.  It has rained twice since I realized a shingle was gone on the ridge far I haven't found any additional leaks beyond the one in the garage.  But it makes me super nervous and I really want to get the roof fixed soon. 

I'll start posting pictures of the gardens, seedlings, etc, once things start growing.  Nothing is blooming yet but the daffodils should be picture ready soon!


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