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It wasn't the worst trip to the mall I've ever had and I was very successful.  So Yay? 
Still, I hate going there.  Too many people.  Too warm.  Too many stores that are super trendy, catering to youth and size zero.  Ugh. 

I wanted to make one more trip to replenish the wardrobe and prepare for my trip.  I actually started at Kohls but like most of my trips there lately that pretty much sucked.  I tried on a half dozen shirts but didn't like any of them.  I did get black dress socks and two scarves/shawls so it wasn't a total loss.  Then I hit Lane Bryant at the mall and had a super fantastic experience.  The ladies working in there today were fabulous, I found lots of stuff, I had coupons! so when it was all said and done I spent a little under $300 (saving $240 - would have been almost $550 without the coupons.  WOOT!).  Then I went to Von Maur before leaving the mall.  I don't really know why I went there other than that I've never been in one before and it was a shortcut to the exit closest to my car.  I was a little uncomfortable at first but everyone working there was really nice, not pushy or snotty at all, which kind of surprised me.  I ended up with two more shirts.  Who knows, I might shop there again some day. 

At the moment I'm doing laundry.  Not only did I go shopping and buy all the things I unpacked my winter stuff since it has finally turned cool.  Normal laundry weekend around here is 3-4 loads of clothes.  I currently have 6.  Yikes!  I also cleaned out the closet and have stuff to take to Goodwill.  Am I on a roll today or what?  Except for breaking the strap on my purse (after getting home from the mall, of course) today has been a decent day. 

And guess what?  I don't have to work this weekend!!  How freaky is that, right? 
Monday the world will come crashing in on me again but I actually have a couple days where I am in a lull.  We finished and signed off on all the functional design documents with the vendor last week.  I need to meet with the business people before I can more forward on the web integration stuff.  The next phase with the vendor doesn't start until October 10 (although I have prep work to do before then).  For the first time in for-freaking-ever I have an entire weekend where I don't have to do any work at all.  And since I cleaned the house last weekend I can actually DO NOTHING!  Jeez, I'm almost giddy!  OK, maybe not, but I am happy - an emotion that has been in short supply around here lately. 

Granted, I have 13.5 work days left before I leave on vacation.  I will have a metric shit-ton to get accomplished in those 13.5 days so I expect to be doing overtime starting Monday.  Which is why I tried to finish all my shopping this weekend.  The project manager on the project finally realized just how long I'm going to be gone on Friday.  As in yesterday.  We've all been noticing that whenever the team bring it up the past couple of weeks he hasn't really reacted.  On Friday you could see as it finally dawned on him just how long I'm going to be gone and what that does to the project schedule.  It was actually kind of funny.  Not that I'll be laughing the next couple weeks while he freaks out on me daily but it was somewhat comical yesterday. 

I have the best intentions of blogging while on my trip although I doubt I'll be able to post pictures.  Those might have to wait until I get home.  And now...laundry!
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Went and voted this morning.  I meant to get there about an hour earlier than I did but the pillow's gravitational pull was too strong.  I ended up getting out of bed at my normal time so I made it to the polls at 8 am.  There was a line but the poll workers were saying it was the shortest it had been all morning.  A twenty minute wait to vote.  Considering I'm hearing stories of one and two hour waits I think I did good. 

Driving in to work I saw lots and lots of people holding signs on street corners, urging people to vote.  And all of them were for Obama.  I didn't see a single sign for McCain. Indiana has historically been a red state, going republican in all the presidential elections for the last 40-something years.  And here we are with Obama signs all over the place and the man himself scheduled to be here in Indy sometime today.  How cool is that? 

I'm planning on watching the election results tonight when I get home.  Normally I don't care that much and all the political coverage drives me nuts.  But this year I actually want to see what happens.  I'm not a huge fan of any of the candidates but I do have my preference, obviously. 

I had a dream last night that McCain won and then promptly died, leaving Palin as president.  She turned the US into a fundamentalist Christian Theocracy and anyone who didn't convert and believe the way she did was either exiled or sold into slavery.  Not a fun dream.  Go Obama!
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My internet connection at home dropped again last night.  *sigh*  I'm so sick of the stupid thing I didn't even call it in, just turned everything off and read a book instead.  Hopefully it will be up tonight because I want to download some new tunes to my iPod.  And yes, if it goes down I'll call it in.  Again.  This will be like the sixth time in a month.  Lets hope they actually do something about it this time. 

Barak Obama was in town today for a rally.  The news says something like 30,000 people showed up.  Sarah Palin was here a week or so ago and she had 24,000.  But I don't think its a real comparison because Palin was at a venue where they limited the number of people and Obama was downtown with no limit on attendance.  I'm still not sure if this state is going to go red or blue - right now the two sides are neck in neck.  Will anything change if Indiana votes Democrat for the first time in 40+ years?  Probably not.  Politics is politics and while I'm all for change I'll believe it when I see it. 

Finally finished the biography on Queen Isabella.  Woot!  I'm sure some people will consider Alison Weir's version to be a bit of revisionist history but I found it to be fairly unbiased overall.  There was the occasional assumption based on modern norms and mores, plus some sources read from a modern or "feminist" viewpoint.  But she readily admits this in her introduction and is quick to point out throughout the book. where she disagrees with contemporary biographers and why.  I'm not sure I buy the "proof" that Edward II wasn't murdered although the circumstantial evidence did make me think.  I have to wonder how things would have turned out had Isabella not hooked up with Mortimer.  Or if she'd been the more dominant partner in that relationship.  Overall I found it a good read.  I enjoyed it more than Eleanor of Aquitaine, in part because I've gotten used to the author's style.  If you are expecting a serious, academic approach then I don't think Weir's work is for you.  Her style is more conversational.  I felt she was willing to explore all sides and was more interested in presenting what we know than drawing any conclusions from that (which I found rather refreshing). 

I couldn't decide what to read next fiction-wise last night after I finished Isabella so I picked up Antonia Fraser's Marie Antoinette: The Journey.  I'm at the unconsummated wedding night.  I've read historical fiction on Marie Antoinette but no biographies.  So far the novels I've read haven't been too far off the mark.  I'm wondering if I'm going to learn anything new reading the non-fiction or if I'm going to get bored.  We'll have to wait and see!  

I need to watch Shoot 'Em Up and get it returned to NetFlix so I can start The Tudors.  Now that I don't have to cut my grass every weekend maybe I'll get some quality slack time in. 

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First, the headache is gone.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Ibuprofen is a wonderful thing.

Second, a piece of work that I expected to take the rest of the week?  Done and moving to the testers this afternoon.  Another round of grateful thanks to the universe for that one.  I have A LOT to do and getting one item off my list just took a weight off my shoulders.

I've been reading a biography of Queen Isabella of England, wife of Edward II, by Alison Weir.  The beginning, like most historical biographies, was a wee bit dull seeing how she married the King when she was what, 12?  Not much to talk about when she was just a kid.  Although the king's relationship with Gaveston, his favorite, was interesting.  If the beginning of the book was just so-so, the middle has more than made up for it.  Danger, betrayal, a coup, adultery, and several very gruesome executions.  I'm to the part where Isabella has overthrown her husband and put her son on the throne.  Now the former king has just been murdered.  That's where I stopped last night to watch the finale of Project Runway.  I have a little over 100 pages left and I can't wait to get back to them.  Unfortunately with family in town this weekend it looks like it may be next week before I get to find out what happens next. 

As for Project Runway, I'm very happy that Leanne won.  I liked Kennely's collection but her attitude really irked me.  Korto's collection was probably the best overall for me but I kept getting distracted seeing models from America's Next Top Model.  Leanne's collection was a little too many petals and 'waves' for me but I liked the variety of pieces.  The palette was a little monochromatic but I think her overall performance throughout the season showed that she deserved to win.  My only regret is that I didn't get to see Jerell's collection.  From the one peak at the pieces during part 1 of the finale I think I would have really liked several of the gowns and his use of texture. 

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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