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I know you are all anxiously awaiting the resumption of Vacation Recap Blogging!  It is coming....but not today. 

Work is still super busy and ravenously devouring my brain.  I will be working again this weekend but hopefully from home rather than in the office (unlike last Saturday where I spent 8 hours in here).  I hope to get some recaps up during breaks.  I also hope that it won't take me 8 hours to get everything done as I'd like to enjoy my weekend again at some point.

Sunday was the annual Halloween block party cookout and doggie dress-up party.  I forgot my camera but I'll see if neighbor Y- can send me some of the ones she took.  You have to see some of the dogs in their costumes!  Poor babies - they were really cute but several of the pups were not happy about being dressed up.  I was feeling extremely anti-social all day Sunday but made myself leave the house and go to the party.  I only stayed about two hours but it was good for me to be out socializing.  Plus playing with the dogs helped my stress level quite a bit. 

Today is more work, as usual, and yoga at 5:15 pm if I make it.  I currently have yet another stress headache brought on by being told I'm going to help conduct interviews for our open position.  I am socially inept and hate talking to strangers.  I can do this I just won't like it.  Unfortunately my first reaction was a slight moment of panic, which left a stress headache when it passed.  The yoga will help relieve the stress but if my head is still poundy, poundy I wont' be able to do the yoga.  Kind of a catch 22 type of thing.  We'll see how I feel later this afternoon. 

As for now I'm having soup for lunch (Vegetable Beef with Barley - Campbell's Select, not homemade) and doing some surfing before getting back to work.  The weather is turning colder, which means homemade soup/stew time!  The cookbooks will be coming out and the experimentation will begin here just as soon as my weekends aren't sucked dry by work.  I promise to post recipes and reviews!
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Things are looking up, yessireebob!

Last week J- was moved to Carolina Specialty Hospital in Charlotte, a long term acute care facility.  After a couple of days to adjust (during which he removed his rectal catheter one day and his trache tube the next *sigh*) he is now off the vent completely and his nurses/technicians say he is doing well.  He was very confused the first couple of days and just wanted to GO HOME! but Sissy explained to him, several times, that he has been in the hospital for a month and it is going to take a while.  It seems to be sinking in now and when asked how lng he's been sick he'll raise four fingers, which is good.  And he doesn't like being restrained and he's learned that if he wants to stay out of the restraints he has to behave, which is also good. 

The news today is that his RT has taken all the vent equipment out of his room.  If he continues at this pace he will be off the trache tube in a week or so.  It also means he should be able to start speaking again soon, which has Sissy thrilled!  The going back and forth to the hospital and now the daily drive into Charlotte are staring to wear her out.  Once he can talk on the phone she can go to every other day visits and get some of her strength back. 

Still along way to go.  His PT peeps have him up in a special chair during therapy but he isn't walking yet.  Once they get him strong enough to stand they'll get him started walking on the new temporary hip.  Each little improvement is a huge milestone considering where he was just a few weeks ago.  Thanks to everyone for the positive thoughts and prayers. 

On new on my life, well, there isn't much.  I've ordered my new windows and made the down payment.  EEEK!  Home improvement projects are expensive, yo!

My garden is coming along nicely.  Not a huge yield yet, although I've gotten several servings of snap peas and one zucchini so far.  I have dozens of green tomatoes that I'm just waiting to ripen enough to eat.  And the beans and peppers have tiny fruits on them now so I'll have yummy veggie goodness from those plants in a few days/weeks.  I'm keeping an eye on the critters as something took a bite out of a tomato, a green one, and evidently didn't like it as it left the rest of the fruit alone.  Sneaky bastard. 

Not much else to tell.  Today I've cleaned the entire house and I'm now doing laundry and making iced tea.  Yep, I'm really having a party this Fourth Of July!  I may get really wild and make a pizza later! 
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My sister sent out a lengthy email Thursday morning with the latest on her hubby.  At the time things were not looking good.  Liver enzyme issues.  Renal failure.  Staph infection in his hip, heart and lungs.  They needed to do surgery, and soon, but it was a matter of getting him stable enough to go under the knife. 

Reading between the lines was easy.  I told my boss what was going on, talked to my parents, and left at a half day to go home, pack, and hit the road.  I left Indy later than I wanted (about 3:30) and drove until nearly 11:00 pm.  By that time I was just east of Knoxville, TN.  After a very not restful night at the Holiday Inn I was back on the road and made it here just before 1:00 PM.  And couldn't get hold of my sister anywhere.  No one answered the phone in the room, she wasn't answering her cell, didn't respond to my text message...

When I got a response it was that they were in the OR Staging area.  Surgery was a go!  So I headed over to the hospital and hung out in the surgery waiting area with my sis, her mother-in-law, and one of Sissy's employees from the library.  We got the call that he was through preop and they'd done the TEE to get a better look at the infection on the right ventricle of his heart.  They were starting the surgery on his hip to clean out all the infection.  A little over two hours later we got the second call that the surgery was done, he'd done fine, and they were starting to close.  It was about an hour later whe the Dr came out and told my sis how the surgery went.  Very well - J- did well with stable vitals all through the surgery.  They took out a lot of infected material (I guess it was pretty nasty in there).  After surgery they took him to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit and put him on a ventilator to help with his breathing and to give his body a rest, let it heal a little. 

And that is where he is right now.  Sissy saw him last night at 8 and then again today at 9 and noon.  Mom and Dad are here as well.  We're currently in our respective homes/hotel rooms taking a break before heading back over for the 5 o'clock visiting hour.  Then dinner, followed by the final visiting hour of the day at 8.  Tomorrow they will test his breathing again and determine if they can take him off the ventilator.  Right now he is improving nicely although he is still a very sick man.  If the morning goes well and he comes off the ventilator I will probably head out Sunday afternoon back for Indy.  Otherwise I'll be here until, well, whenever.  Mom and Dad will stay as long as needed as well. 

It's been a long week so far but the news is looking if not good then better than before.  Keep those positive thoughts and prayers coming, ya'll.  And Thank You!
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The third and final part of the vacation recap is coming soon, I promise.  I've been busy with work and sick with stomach flu so updating this thing has been about the last thing I've wanted to do. 

In grown-up news in the last 24 hours I have:
1. Scheduled an appointment to take my car in for it's recall (Toyota Prius brake thingy)
2. Scheduled my mammogram.  Yes, I get to have my boobs smashed for the first time ever.  Comes with being 40.
3. Got my latest credit report
4. Closed three credit cards, two of which I didn't even know I still had or were still open.  This is what getting the credit report is for!

I still need to get estimates on new windows, a pull-down staircase for the attic, and getting more insulation blown in up there.  Whew!  A grow-up's work is never done!   
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Wow.  Two posts in one week.  I didn't think I had it in me right now. 

This will be short though - work is waiting and there is a boss roaming around here somewhere that I'm sure would not be please to see me posting a blog entry. 

The weekend is shaping up like this:
- Test drive some cars as my lease is up in less than two months and I'm not buying the one I have
- A friend "might" come by to pick up the wood I have in my back yard (I'm not holding my breath on this one)
- Create more wood by pruning more of the trees
- Cut back two more bushes that are trying to take over the deck and the house respectively

And watch the movies I have from NetFlix, one of which I've had for over two weeks.  I also intend to finish a book or two and maybe, possibly post something resembling a review if I get around to it.   

OK, I need to go.  Four more hours of work, an hour at the gym and then I can go home and start the weekend. 
*sigh*  These last four hours of work need to go by fast. 

Wish me luck. 
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The test results are back and the big news about the knee is - arthritis.  You would think with all the pain I've been having that it would be a cartilage tear or something but no, just arthritis.  We are talking 40% deterioration in one spot and 50% behind the kneecap so I guess pain is to be expected.  No surgery, at least not right now.  I start physical therapy Monday.  I also have to lose weight, take glucosamine, exercise regularly (lightly) and No Running!  That last one isn't really a problem for me. 

I think the glucosamine makes me sleepy.  I've taken it two evenings now and both times I was sleepy-tired within a couple hours and slept like the dead.  (permanently dead, not zombie dead). 

The new computer should be here today.  The monitor arrived a couple days ago and ZOMG! the thing is huge!  While I'm really not in the mood to spend the weekend setting up a new computer, copying all my files and stuff, I will probably do at least a little bit.  It may take a while before I'm back to normal though. 

Not much else to share.  On the reading front I've been reading anthologies lately.  Roman and Egyptian mystery stories.  Lots of fun to read but nothing I feel the need to review. 

OK, this work isn't going to do itself. 


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