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What with getting back from vacation, being sick with a wicked head cold, and having more work than I can possibly deal with the updating of this blog just hasn't happened. 

And it isn't happening today either.  No time to start the vacation recap and while the pics have been offloaded I did that at home on the PC, not the laptop, so I don't have them with me to share right now.  Sorry. 

So some links because that's the only thing I can think of to do today. 

A writer gets cranky with my Sissy, The Bookbabe, and she blogs about it over on Novel News.  Sounds like things are OK now.  

Debut author Richard Jay Parker has friended me on Shelfari along with 674 other book lovers.  His new book, Stop Me, is available from The Book Depository. 

My shelf on Shelfari, if you are ineterested.

CNN has a brief story about a bunch of people sick on a cruise ship.  I love cruising but believe me, I am always very aware of the risk of illness.  A lot of people in a small enclosed space and some of them don't wash their hands after going potty (yuck!).  Doesn't make cruising a bad thing - you just have to be careful. 

In non-link news:
I started The Amber Room by Steve Berry last night.  I think I'm on chapter 6 (only got to read for about 30 minutes).  So far so good. 
And I get disk 1 of season 1 of True Blood tomorrow.  Wonder how close the show sticks to the book? 

OK - I have to get back to work.  Too much to do, not enough time.  Vacation recap With Pictures! will start this weekend, I promise.  I'll be doing that along with cleaning the house and doing my taxes.  Joy. 
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Besides the fact that he is an awesome writer and that Sandman was my introduction to comics.
This is why I love Neil:


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