Sep. 15th, 2009 11:07 am
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Less than 24 hours until my 40th birthday.  I'm cramping like a mofo and about to go to a long-ass boring as hell meeting in a conference room with uncomfortable chairs.  Lovely.  When does menopause start? 

At least tomorrow there will be cake. 

Yum, cake!  nom nom nom
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Today was the big day and many people I know were let go.  I, however, still have a job.  *whew*

At least for now.  Who knows what will happen tomorrow. 

I joined the neighbors for an impromptu gathering Monday night out in the court.  Obviously my stress level has been way higher than even I was aware of because I got tanked.  As in there are pieces of the evening I don't remember.  I evidently managed to get home (two houses down), get my mail, bring in shit from my car, empty my lunch bag and rinse dishes.  Don't remember any of it.  Hopefully I didn't do or say anything too embarrassing.  And if I did hopefully my neighbors are very forgiving people!   

I do remember getting sick though.  Ugh.  I never, ever drink like that.  I'm a lightweight and I know it so two beers or two glasses of wine and I'm done.  I honestly don't have a clue how much I drank Monday night although it was obviously way past my normal limit.  I do know that I was still inebriated when the alarm went off to get up for work so I took a vacation day.  

I did manage to escape a hangover, plus I got to spend a really nice day puttering around the house.  And I'm really relaxed now so I evidently needed the release.  I just so don't want to do that again.  Next time I'll do yoga or primal scream therapy or something.  Drinking like that, especially on a work night?  Not one of my best ideas.  

OK, kiddies.  Time for me to go home.  Be good. 
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I came back to work today after missing three days last week and it wasn't terrible. 
I am now really tired though so I think the grocery shopping that I didn't do last week is going to wait another day. 
The couch, she is calling me.
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I just finished Speaks The Nightbird by Robert McCammon on Monday.  My brain is still processing it but I'm pretty sure there is a book review in there somewhere.  I'll give it another day or so to percolate and then we'll see what I come up with. 

And Palimpsest by Catherynne M. Valente comes out today.  I read The Orphan's Tales: In The Night Garden and found it beautiful.  I couldn't put it down.  I still need to get a copy of Palimpsest but this will definitely be one of the books I get from amazon or a regular bookstore rather than Half Price Books.  Valente is an author I want to support with my money. 

With the current economic situation I'm being more careful about where I spend my money.  But there are some authors that I think deserve to have their books purchased someplace where they will get credit for the sale.  As much as I like picking books up on clearance or super cheap at used bookstores those units don't help the author's bottom line.  So, for someone I've never read before I might do the used bookstore thing first to see if they make the "buy" list.  For others I've already made that decision. 

Seems like there might be an amazon order in my near future! 


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