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The house is clean.
I feel better (finally).
The furnace has been serviced with no sign that I'll need a new one soon.  (Which means nothing until the AC is serviced this spring).
I've read four books so far this year.

Imhotep by Jerry Dubs was really good*.  I was happily surprised as I'm always worried with self-published books.  The book is a little time travel, a little romance, a lot historical, and a little thriller.  Dubs nicely weaves the various tropes of the genres together to create an enjoyable read.  It doesn't easily allow itself to be categorized via the standard genres, which is probably at least partly why I liked it.  Mash ups tend to make me happy!  I'm rusty on my Egyptology from the period of the Old Kingdom so I don't know how historically accurate the setting was but nothing felt "off" or threw me completely out of the story, which in my mind makes it a success.  I'm not always a stickler for historical accuracy as long as the story and characters are there.  YMMV.
Was it perfect?  No but few books are.  I would have liked the female characters to be more compelling.  Diane particularly seemed mostly a foil for Brian and fell flat for me.  The pacing and flow were good throughout but there were a few points which I felt were a bit overwritten.  There's a dramatic moment about mid-way through the book that would have benefited from being the end of the chapter - one of those hit the reader with the reveal, cymbals crash, bum dum dum, next chapter.  Instead there were several more paragraphs with the POV that left the moment of impact lessened, at least to me.  Luckily neither the occasional pacing issue or the few spelling and grammar errors threw me out of the story.  And let's face it, that is how I judge whether I liked a book or not - was I able to maintain suspension of disbelief or was did it snap? 
So, in summary, I liked it quite a bit.  I look forward to reading more by Jerry Dubs and hope there is a sequel one day. 

*disclaimer - Jerry Dubs left a comment on my previous post mentioning Imhotep.  This in no way influenced my opinion of the work, it just reminded me that I hadn't written a review. 

Now if you'll excuse me I think its time for a nap. 
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Well, the Christmas holiday season here in the US is over.  Now we are in the week of Manic Shopping the precedes everyone's favorite drinking holiday known as New Year's Eve. 

OK, maybe not everyone gets drunk on December 31st but I know a lot of people that do (I am not one of them, thank you). 

For Christmas this year I did...absolutely nothing.  No travel.  No gift giving except for the care package from Mom & Dad (Thanks again!), no cooking.  I thought about going to the movies but that's as far as I got, just thinking about it.  I did leave the house for about ten minutes - that's how long it took to go pick up the Chinese food I had for dinner.  I went with the tradition of doing nothing partly because I don't celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday and no one in my immediate family really celebrates it as a consumer or gift giving holiday anymore either.  Plus I've been a bit under the weather so I was far more interested in sleeping than celebrating.  

Yes, I'm sick again.  I swear we've been passing the plague back and forth here in the office since I got back in November.  I went to the clinic Friday before the long holiday weekend.  Massive sinus headache, lots of pressure, ears hurt, etc.  Dude would not give me an antibiotic because he thought it was either allergies or viral.  So I got flonase and told to take it and allegra, get lots of sleep, then come back today.  

So today I marched my not so little butt back in to the clinic at 8:40 and saw a different doctor.  (I like the clinic, really I do.  It is great having a free clinic here in the building for employees.  But it does get old having to go over and over the same shit with a different doctor each time).  She decided that while it may be viral she thought it was likely more than allergies.  So I'm still on the flonase, now twice a day, still taking allegra, still doing mucinex, and she threw in a Z-Pack (azithromycin) for good measure, just in case its bacterial.  She was a little reluctant on the antibiotic since I don't tolerate them well - the one I was on in November made me queasy and killed my appetite.  But I seem to do OK on Z-Pack and my left cheek is still sore to the touch, indicating something is going on in that sinus cavity.

Now all I want to do is go back to bed.  I don't feel horrible, just not great.  And man, the fatigue!  You'd think I hadn't slept in a week over here.  Seriously, if I could just get comfy I'd be asleep at my desk.  

And that's the story with me.  Hopefully I'll start feeling better as the week progresses.  There's leftover chinese food for dinner as well as leftover homemade pizza (pepperoni, prosciutto and mushroom - yum!).  And there's a really good book waiting for me at home.  I'm reading Imhotep by Jerry Dubs, a self-published ebook I got on the Kindle.  I am really liking it.  I was a little nervous about it being self-published, and it is a tad overwritten but not terribly so, and it really is a good story.  So yay for Mr. Dubs.  I'm about half way through and can't wait to read the rest.  

Now I should get back to work.  Got to earn my keep, yo!      
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I'm slowly but surely learning this LJ stuff.  I spent the last couple of hours surfing various communities and blogs for new user icons.  And then I learned how to use the LJ User tag to credit where I got them.  I know, I know - this is not difficult stuff.  But seeing how I do most of my LJ entries at work today is pretty much the first time I've been able to (or taken the time to) do something other than just post and run. 

I've considered making this blog more focused.  Right now it is pretty much just a dumping ground for whatever is on my mind on a particular day.  Problem is I'm not sure if I can think of a topic where I have that much to say.  I'm not into politics (or anything else for that matter) enough to have more than the occasional comment.  And while I like doing book reviews I am nowhere near as insightful in mine as my sis is, plus it feels like I'm moving in on her territory sometimes.  Don't know my sis?  See her blog here  No, she isn't on LJ but no one is perfect!  (Sorry, Sissy!).

Speaking of my sis, she gave me shit yesterday about my lack of posting the last few days.  Sorry about that.  I was temporarily felled by a stomach virus at the start of the week.  I'm only just now starting to feel human again, although I still feel kind of wet noodle-like.  I should probably take a nap but what I really want to do is EAT!  I am so sick of crackers and toast.  Okay, I had a cheeseburger Wednesday but I only rented it for a little while. 

That's it.  I'm going to go get food, even if it might make me sick again. Plus I'm stir crazy and I WANT OUT! Maybe I can make a quick trip to the store.  I just need to do something other than sit here stuck inside. 

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I'm still sick.  Or something.  Its not a full blown knock me on my ass cold.  Just enough snot to be annoying.  Which means it could be allergies rather than a cold but either way I'm pretty much sick of being sick.  Luckily this is turkey week so I get a four day weekend.  There will be cooking and reading and watching movies and probably some raking of leaves.  But mostly there will be SLEEPING!  How sad is it that I'm looking forward to being able to sleep until noon?

The crock pot from the parents was finally broken in this past weekend (I've only had the thing for like four months).  I made cranberry apple chicken with brown rice and it was good.  Leftovers for lunch today.  Yum.  The true test of my slow cooker abilities with be Thursday when I do a 3lb turkey breast with cranberry-orange sauce (can you tell I have more cranberries to use up?).  I have to stop by the store on the way home tonight to get asparagus and something for dessert.  Not sure what but a sugar cream pie is sounding awfully good right now.  

I watched Perfume: The Story Of A Murder the other night and after several days of thinking about it I've decided that I didn't really like it.  It is a long ass movie for one thing and it moves really slow.  There was about 20 to 30 minutes that I liked but the rest?  Not so much.  And the last twenty minutes had me going WTF?  I've heard from my sis that the book is much better - let's hope so cause the movie kind of sucked. 

Duty calls.  Catch you on the flip side, baby. 


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