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This week has just been, well, ugh!  I really don't know how else to put it (and yes, English is my first language.  Stop laughing).  I've had more work than I can handle and all of it due now, Now, NOW!  Then there's all the rumors about the layoff, which as of noon today still hasn't happened.  The waiting has gone beyond stress-making to just plain annoying.  And if got cold here again so The Knee has been aching up a storm.  On a positive note I do not have a headache, nor have I had one all week.  Woot! 

So what with all the stress and work fatigue and pain I'm thinking this weekend is going to include a lot of zoning out.  I managed to make a good start on whipping the yard into shape last Saturday when it was 70 degrees.  I have more to do, of course, but it might have to wait a week.  The temps aren't going to be anywhere near as stellar this weekend (only in the 50's) and I really need to take some time to do a most serious round of house cleaning.  With The Knee aching as it is I'm not sure I can manage both - and the yard can wait. 

I also have three canvases ready to do something with.  OK, actually they've been ready for nearly a month.  I just haven't been in Paintergrrl mood lately.  I might do something with them this weekend if the mood strikes me.  My idea for these is kind of a wavy thing in primary colors but I don't have a real solid picture in my mind yet.  These are small pieces though so I may just experiment and see if I like what I come up with.  Hopefully something that will work in the kitchen when all is said and done. 

I'm almost through Messiah Node by Lyda Morehouse.  Will probably finish it tonight and immediately start on the fourth, and final, book.  Can I just say that I LOVE this series?  I definitely recommend everyone go out to amazon or B&N and read the descriptions.  I promise to do some reviews when I'm finished with the series but I'm really afraid of spoilers on this one.  I can't think of how to articulate what I love about these books without giving things away.  Maybe I'll put some effort into that this weekend.  We'll see. 

And that's pretty much it for now.  My Sissy, The Bookbabe, has started updating her blog again.  No, she didn't abandon it.  She just got busy.  There are new reviews out there now so click on the link (on my links list to the left) and remember, comments are love! 
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Nothing has happened on the work front so far.  Just a vague mid-to-late March for when it is supposed to happen.  Oh, and they will be paying severance.  That at least is a good thing. 

Considering the amount of work I have assigned to me right now I'm thinking that either I'm not going anywhere or if I am my boss doesn't know it yet!  My schedule, she is full. 

Watched Kundun for the third or fourth time on Sunday.  Man, I love that movie.  It made me cry (again). 

Last night I finished Fallen Host by Lyda Morehouse (I think I did at least a mini-review of Archangel Protocol on here).  Very good book.  The author uses first person and alternates the chapters between three characters.  You would think this would get confusing but each character had such a distinct voice (plus the chapter titles tell you which POV it is) I had no problem keeping things straight.  And I really like the world Morehouse has created in these books.  It is way difficult to explain, at least on the fly.  Suffice it to say there is a lot of religion and a lot of computer tech that goes into this world.  The next book in the series is already at the top of by TBR pile.  (And if you've read these books then you know that my icon is perfect for Morningstar!)

If there was anything else I wanted to talk about I can't think if it right now.  It has been a busy day (week) and my brain is kind of fried.  That means its time to go home.  Plus I'm really hungry!  I've been bringing both breakfast and lunch to work this week (because I can't possibly get up early enough to eat breakie at home).  Means I've been eating much healthier food but it also means I'm hungry by 4 pm.  I think I need to start bringing some fruit or something for an afternoon snack.  Maybe I'll cook tonight and bring leftover tomorrow instead of PB&J and a salad....

OK, I'm done.  Later gators...
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Amazingly enough the weather here in central Indiana is pretty much made of awesome right now.  The clouds have moved in but it is still mid-sixties.  In March.  In Indiana!  Tomorrow is supposed to hit 70!  Of course that means the weather gods will hit us with an ice storm right about March Madness time.  That is, after all, the way Indiana weather works.  

 The time change is Sunday and for the first time since we went on it a few years back people are not bitching up a storm.  Either they've gotten used to it, haven't realized its coming, or they have decided to wait and spew their vitriol next week.  Whatever.  It means I'll be driving to work in the dark again for a while but it also means I'll have daylight in the evening to do...well....yard work.  Maybe this DST stuff isn't so good after all.  

Despite my best intentions I still have not gone to the grocery store.  I'm out of juice, soy milk, veggies and (almost) toilet paper.  Meaning I really need to go tonight on the way home.  Or tomorrow if I'm in a super crappy mood later but tonight would be better.  I have my list and I'm ready - it is just that I seriously hate going to the grocery.  Thinking about food annoys me and the other people are always rude.  By the time I'm done I'm in desperate need of alone time before I kill someone.  *sigh*  

The news on the work front is that HR has their notification plan together and has put together the severance package.  But we still don't know when they will start RIF-ing people.  There are only three weeks left in March though so its going to be soon.  I'm glad the big man is keeping us informed - better than being blindsided at the last minute - but the stress and tension around here is getting to be a bit much.  

Speaking of work, these programs aren't going to code themselves. 

Oh, and Sissy?  Happy Birthday!(late - but I did send you a card, early even) 
When are you going to update the blog, girl?


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