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First, the latest update on the BIL.  J- is doing much better.  Still in PICU at the hospital as insurance is being a dick about sending him to long-term acute care.  Sissy asked what happens to him if insurance never agrees to it and they answered that he will stay right where he is until ready for "normal" rehab (which insurance is jut peachy fine with.  go figure).  J- is more lucid and is trying to sit up.  He's able to raise himself up using the rails on his bed, although he had to be cautioned not to just grab for the closest thing as that is the tube for his ventilator.  Don't want to rip that puppy out!  Although he has ripped out one IV so far.  He definitely does not like all the thinks stuck into him and want to go home.  Sis and the nurses keep having to remind him that he has been very sick and has been in the hospital for over 3 weeks.  I get the impression that he doesn't believe them, which makes sense as he doesn't remember coming to the hospital in the first place. 

In other news I've started my next project as a homeowner and have started talking to people about getting new windows installed.  I used Angie's List and Google to find companies in my area with good ratings and set up two appointments for estimates this week.  The first one on Monday was great.  They were on time, actually talked to me rather than give a presentation, had good products to choose from, and came in under my budget.  The second one I didn't even meet with as they pissed me off.  They called last night 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time to tell me that the guy was running late, was just leaving the north side and would be there in an hour or so.  I said no, that is too late so don't bother.  Had they called before the appointment time or if they were calling to say he was stuck in traffic trying to get to the south side I would have been much more understanding.  But I have no patience with a company that can't even be punctual or considerate of my time especially when they should be trying to get my business.  Angie's List is asking for a review of them so I'm trying to think of a way to write it without getting all pissy.  Because yes, they pissed me off. 

So I currently have one estimate from a company I liked and I'm not sure if I'm even going to get others.  Sometimes you just have to go with your gut, you know?  I was going to decide today after sleeping on it but I'm still not sure.  I'll think about it some more then make a decision. 
The garden is doing OK despite being battered by almost daily severe storms.  We are having very weird weather for Indiana, more like August than June, and all my plants are confused.  Too much rain (half the city had flooded intersections yesterday) and temps way above normal.  I went outside at lunch and it is very hot, very humid.  Temps today around 93 F and it feels like it already.  When I left this morning my back yard was still a swamp from all the rain so maybe the heat will dry it out a bit.  I'm hoping the veggies come through this OK - they should since they are in containers so they drain well.  The perennial garden may not be so lucky as it's been a little swampy for the last week.  That's what I get for planting drought resistant plants native to Indiana - as soon as I put them in the ground we get more rain than we've seen in months. 

OK - time for me to go to a meeting.  Later!
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My brother-in-law was moved out of Surgical ICU into Post ICU yesterday afternoon!!!!!

He is slowly but steadily getting better.  As soon as he is down to dialysis 3 times (or less) a week he'll be going to Long Term Acute Care for a while.  Not sure how long he'll be in PICU or LTAC yet but the big thing is that he is out of SICU and his numbers just keep getting better. 

He still has a long way to go on the road to recovery but this is a major milestone! 

Thanks to everyone here on the interwebs for sending positive thoughts and prayers to my Sissy and her hubby.  Keep em coming! 

*does a happy dance*
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My sis has been sending out regular updates to family and friends.  J- is still in SICU but we are seeing regular improvement these days.  His white blood cell count is back down into the normal range.  His liver billirubin number is below 10!  YAY!  He is still having daily dialysis, which is why he's still in SICU.  Once they get him down to dialysis 3 times a week he can be moved back to PICU.  Their case manager is starting the process of finding him a bed in an acute care rehab center.  One is in Charlotte, very near home.  The other two are each two hours away, which would not be Sissy's preference but it all depends on where there is a bed.  Once he's out of ICU he'll be going to long-term acute care for a while to get his strength back, learn to walk with his temporary hip, etc. 

He's still on a ventilator but they moved from a mouth vent to a trache.  They also moved his feeding tube from his nose to his stomach.  Seems like a negative thing but both these are really positives as it gets the vent out of his mouth, lets his vocal cords heal, etc.  He still needs the help breathing, which considering how sick he is and what all he's been through is understandable.  The trache lets him get the help he needs while he needs it without further damage. 

Sissy is doing better as well.  She has gone back to work part time and I really think focusing on her patrons and the summer reading program are helping her get her equilibrium back.  Being the Library Lady isn't just her job, it is part of who she is, and the last few weeks have kind of thrown that for a loop.  Getting back to work has helped her find her center again, which can only help both her and J-.  Hard for her to be strong for him and be his cheerleader when she's pooped and all scattered. 

As for me I'm just back here in Indiana doing my thing.  We've been hot, humid, and having severe thunderstorms recently.  Yesterday and today are nice but the humidity comes back tomorrow along with temps in the 90s (F) this weekend.  I do believe I will be spending a lot of time inside.  My former neighbor got out of jail last night and is living with some other neighbors until he gets on his feet.  There will be a cookout Saturday and I suppose I'll put in an appearance.  I do feel kind of weird about it though so I doubt I'll stay long. 

The gardens, both flower and vegetable, are coming along nicely.  I'll take some pics here soon and post them.  And I have a list of companies to call to get estimates on windows so I'm being a good home owner, taking care of my house, etc. 

Seriously, I could use a nap!  More updates as I get them. 
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My brother-in-law is still a very sick man but he is slowly improving.  A week ago today I arrived in NC just in time to hang out with my Sissy and her mother-in-law while J- went into surgery.  They cleaned the infections out of his hip, put him on a ventilator, and wheeled him off to surgical ICU. 

Which is where he has been ever since.  While everyone was hoping he'd be off the ventilator and in post ICU by now that isn't the case.  He's had a few minor problems, mostly with his liver and kidney's.  The liver went into shock and his billirubin levels went up to 22.  His kidneys also went into shock so the toxins started to build up in his blood.  They installed a chest port into his heart and have begun daily dialysis, from which we are now starting to see improvements.  As my sister said in her update "he produced a wee bit more wee" last night.  His billirubin level is down to 16.6.  And his white blood cell count has dropped below 15000 after a brief spike yesterday (along with everything else Mr Man has developed a urinary tract infection). 

The ventilator is something of a concern as they don't like to keep mouth vents in longer than 9 days as the risk of permanent damage to the vocal cords goes up.  He's had the thing 7 days now so they either need to take him off of it soon or do a tracheotomy and install the vent that way.  Not a huge issue as the hole will heal.  And he needs the help breathing - there is so much staph infection throughout his body that he is considered septic.  He's a big guy and the infection & surgery have left him very weak so he needs all the help he can get, even with something the rest of us take for granted like breathing. 

I left to come home Sunday afternoon around 3.  With him in ICU and my Sissy handling everything there really wasn't much for me to do other than moral support.  I needed to be back at work Tuesday anyway so I left a little early to allow me to split up the drive instead of do it all in one day.  I've been getting updates via phone, text and email.  Mom and Dad left Monday but only got a few hours away before they came back.  The whole billirubin levels and dialysis thing kind of threw Sis for a loop Monday afternoon.  I would have come back to NC but I was already home.  A few hours later all had been explained and Sis was calmed down.  The 'rents stayed through yesterday morning though, not leaving until we started seeing some improvement from the dialysis.  They should be home (Texas) today or tomorrow. 

And now I think everyone is worn out.  Sissy is taking a little more time for herself (I think today includes a couple of visits to J- at the hospital, a nap, and a concert in the town square with one of her friends to decompress).  Mom & Dad should be home soon.  I have a ton of weeding and yard work to do but rain is in the forecast so I might have to sit around the house instead (Oh.  Darn).  Sis plans to go back to work part time next week as she strives to find her new "normal" routine.  J- will be in the hospital in SICU, PICU and then acute care rehab for some time.  Even after they get him well he'll have to get his strength back, build up atrophied muscle, and learn to walk with his temporary hip.  Long road ahead, that's for sure. 

Thanks to everyone who has been sending positive energy and prayers to Sissy and her hubby.  Keep em coming!


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