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Damn, it is hot!  The temp is 89 degrees but the heat index is 98.  And why don't they just roll everything up and make it 98 degrees?  I've never understood heat index and wind chill.  Suffice it to say that with the base temperature and the humidity it is like walking through soup outside.  The air is a heavy, oppressive weight that smothers as soon as you leave the building.  Stand still in the sun and if you're like me (fair skinned) you'll be pink and crispy, self-basted in sweat, in no time.  No person in their right mind would leave their nice air conditioned office. 

Obviously I'm not in my right mind as I went out to lunch with some co-workers.  Today is our intern's last day so we took him to the restaurant of his choice, which just happens to be about two blocks from our building.  An old historic building whose A/C (if it has any) can't possibly keep up with this heat.  They had portable A/C units around the dining room that managed to make the place bearable but not really comfortable.  The food was good and it wasn't so hot in there to make me nauseous but let's just say I'm glad I'm back at my desk.  I've finished off one 24 oz glass of water already and am halfway through my second.  

In non-heat related news, I got my new windows yesterday.  They are beautiful!  I actually can't wait until it rains/storms so I can check all the caulking and sealing.  They are so nice and so easy to use and super easy to clean.  It was a lot of money but well worth it.  We'll see what kind of affect this has on my utilities - I'm not expecting much yet as I still need to have more insulation blown into the attic and both the furnace and A/C unit are 16 years old.  Still, baby steps.  I'm fixing/replacing things in this house a little at a time.  Unfortunately its mostly big ticket items left what with needing to remodel the bathrooms, replace all the flooring, and the above mentioned furnace and A/C. 

OK.  Work.  These veiws won't design themselves.


Jul. 15th, 2010 12:04 pm
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Temps in the mid 90s today.  When I came in to work this morning it was already in the 80s and way humid.  This is our 11th day over 90 this year - the average is 14 a year.  And the forecast is calling for 90 or higher all weekend.  So yeah, I think we are going to beat the average this year.  

No word from the window company on my new windows.  Its early yet though.  They should be here around the first week of August but I was kind of hoping to get a call saying they were here early so that the installation could happen when Mom & Dad are here next week.  If not I'll just have to work from home a day or two while they are being installed.  No biggie.  

I made it back to the gym twice so far this week.  I got my routine all out of whack in May/June what with being sick, pulling a muscle in my back, and the brother-in-law situation.  It's taken me weeks to get back into something like a routine and it still isn't really 'set' yet.  Tonight is yoga so long as I can get away from my desk by 5:00 pm.  If not I'll head down when I can and do weights and the eliptical.  I really want to go to yoga even though it kills me every time - lots and lots of Sun Salutation B.  This isn't the easy stretching, hold the pose for 5 minutes type of yoga.  This is ashtanga, move quickly with the breath, raise the heat in the body, dripping sweat and shaking by the end kind of yoga.  Kicks my butt every time but damn if I don't feel great when its over.  

In brother-in-law news, he is still in the LTAC but doing great.  His kidneys came back on line so he is done with dialysis and they removed the port.  He's eating although not as much as he probably should.  Sissy is going over for a slumber party with him tonight - going to stay the night in his room and bring pizza & breakfast - so maybe he'll eat better when it isn't hospital food.  He has a Passy-Muir valve on his trache now so he can talk, etc.  Hopefully he'll be done with the trache by the end of the week and they can let that close up.  I think once they can do that and remove the feeding tube, and once they finish the IV antibiotics and do new cultures, he should be close to going to a Physical Therapy rehab.  The LTAC is great but PT isn't their big thing and while they are doing PT he will need to go to a specialized rehab to learn to walk, etc.  So still a ways to go but everything is still moving along in the right direction.  

And lastly in garden news, my zucchini plant bit the dust.  Well, more like it got infested.  I checked it last night and the dirt was just teeming with all sorts of bugs and worms and spiders.  Ughh!  The plant itself was looking really sad and when I started trying to mess with it pieces started breaking off so it was diseased from all the insect activity.  It is now in the back corner of the yard where all the debris goes.  I'm letting the container dry out a bit before dumping the soil - I didn't want to try to carry it back to the back corner last night as all the bugs were very active.  Just thinking about it gives me the willies!  Hopefully the other plants will be OK but I'm not confident about that.  They seem fairly bug free but with the weird weather this summer (too hot then too wet then too hot then too dry, etc) they all look a wee bit sad and aren't producing like they did last year.  I'll have to do some research on zucchini pests and see if there's an organic way to control them before I try those again. 

OK.  Lunch then back to work.  Today is merit increase day so I find out at 3:30 if I got a raise, and if so how much.  Wish me luck!


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