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I just can't even...

I am so busy today I can barely remember my own name.  The To Do List?  It just keeps getting longer.  Some of those items have been on there for weeks! if not months! and I still can't get to them.  Today its because of planning for 2013 so I walked into work finding invites to meetings on five (5!) new project that we need high level scope and estimates on.  All of which needs to be done by, oh, Wednesday.  Yes, this Wednesday.  

If anyone sees my brain can you please tell it to come home, like right-the-f!ck-now?  I had it this morning during all those meetings but as soon as I went to Subway to get lunch it ran away.  And the little shit isn't done for the day yet.

Blogging may be sparse around here for a few days.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Blogging is always sparse around here these days.  

If you'll excuse me...

Work Stuff

Feb. 17th, 2011 10:49 am
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I haven't mentioned work here recently, other than to say that I've been busy and working on the weekends a lot.  Things there have been in flux, changing my job a little bit.  I'm still a programmer but I've also been taking on a lot of system architect work lately, designing the solutions for larger and larger projects.  The new boss of my boss is driving this as he sees me as a technical lead/architect and wants to use my experience and my business knowledge to drive us into the future.  All great stuff and very exciting.  This is the most challenged I've been in my job in years.  

I am so in over my head. 

Or at least I feel that way.  This is all new and while I'm good with theory I'm not proficient as a programmer in things like services oriented architecture or .NET or any of the things we are talking about doing right now.  Plus I'm on a couple of projects that are huge, dealing with a new business model for our products as well as government regulations.  Not easy stuff to begin with and we're early days on the projects so the scope is still fluid, throwing my design plans for a loop pretty much every other day. 

Eventually I will be able to do this without freaking out.  Right now I'm so new at this, so green, that I'm functioning at high-focus level at all times, which frankly is f***ing exhausting.  Plus I need to start fitting in eLearning and programmer play-time where I can so I can get myself up to speed on the tools we are (hopefully) going to be using.  

If you hear a huge popping sound its just my brain exploding.   


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