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Heard about the Library fight in West Bend, Wisconsin? 

Here - read this:

Yes, I have a rant.  Ready? 

If you have children then it is YOUR responsibility to parent them.  It is YOUR responsibility to teach them the values you want them to have.  It is YOUR responsibility to police what they read, what they watch, the music they listen to, the friends they keep.  It is YOUR responsibility to raise them. 

Not mine. 

Nor is it the responsiblity of schools, libraries, or the government to make sure that your precious darlings are not exposed to those things you find icky, nasty or evil.  Don't want them to read a certain book?  No problem - be a parent and go with them to the library/bookstore and don't let them check out/buy the thing.  Don't want them to see sex on TV?  Block the channel.  Or better yet sit with them and when the icky stuff comes on explain why you think it is wrong and why you are changing the channel. 

Here's the deal, folks.  Just because your kids are old enough to read Young Adult fiction (12-18 years old) doesn't mean you get to stop being a parent.  You still need to monitor what they are doing, where they are going, who with - all that stuff becomes your responsibility the minute you push them out of the womb.  And it doesn't stop being your responsibility unitl they are adults, out of the house, and living their own lives.  Like when they are over 18.    

The Library, as a public institution, is going to carry materials that you might find offensive.  You are allowed to voice your opinion.  You are allowed to be offended.  This is called Freedom of Speech.  But you are not allowed to force your views on others by censoring, restricting access or burning that which you find offensive.  And any parent that thinks moving material they feel is sexually explicit to the adult section, labeling it as such, but not restricting who can check it out is somehow going to protect their children from being exposed has completely lost touch with reality.  Label something explicit and kids between 12 and 18 are going to be all over that sh!t. 

So here's the deal for all you parents out there.  A great many of us out here in the rest of society - both those with kids and those without - are getting really freaking tired of being asked to raise your kids for you.  The idea that your offspring is somehow some super special snowflake that the whole world must bend over backwards to pamper and protect is, well, bullshit.  That is YOUR job.  

Now leave the books, Libraries and all those amazing librarians (Hi Sissy!) alone and do YOUR job.   
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I am really, REALLY pissed at my state's legislature right now.  They couldn't come up with a budget during the regular session that ended on April 29 so now they are in a special session, paid for by my tax dollars, to come up with a workable budget by midnight on June30.  You would think that they would understand that they need to compromise in order to keep the government running, wouldn't you?  Nope.  Both sides are pulling the same shit they did in the regular session.  The Dems, who control the House, want a one-year budget (instead of our normal two year one) and want to actually increase spending on education.  Despite the fact that we are in a recession, unemployment is up and revenues are way down.  The Republicans, who control the Senate, want a two-year budget, want to cut spending, and will only agree to a minuscule increase for education.  I should note that Indiana has a surplus in a rainy day fund that we have so far not spent.  The Dems want to fund their budget by raiding the savings account.  The Republicans want to hold off on doing that in case it gets any worse. 

Now I am not a huge fan of the Republican party as a whole or of most of the members who represent my community.  But the shit that the House Democrats are currently pulling is ridiculous.  How in the hell do you justify an increase in spending during a recession?  Just because Obama did it with his stimulus bill doesn't mean that it makes sense for this state.  This is a battle of wills between the House and the Senate and the losers here will be the people of Indiana.  This thing will end up going down to the wire (or past it) and what we'll end up with is a budget so full of crap that we'll be paying for it for years to come. 

All because grown men and women would rather act like overentitled five year-olds instead of like responsible, intelligent adults. 

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This day has pretty much been a complete waste of time. That project that I was finally able to work on? Blew up in the first 15 minutes and is back with the vendor. Pretty much as expected, really. I am not enjoying the waiting around though. Bored puppy is bored. 


So the day has been spent following up on a couple other small projects and surfing the web. Not, I’m sure, what my boss would prefer me to be doing with my time. Unfortunately I can’t do anything on the big project – when I say it blew up I mean it BLEW UP! No data, no work-around, just a screen full of angry red error messages. Which as a programmer I actually find pretty exciting as it can be a challenge to figure out what is causing the problem. Not so much when it is vendor code though. Black box shit pisses me off cause I can’t do anything. Except wait. Which I am. (Not very patiently I might add) 


So in place of work there has been the aforementioned surfing of the web as well as a couple of walks around the building. Alas, neither of the walks was anywhere near long enough. Only twice around the building and then back inside to the bliss known as air conditioning. It is HOT here. Like 92 degrees hot. Walking in this heat in work clothes (meaning long pants and a blouse) makes for a sweaty, stinky girl. Which in turn wouldn’t make my coworkers any happier, let me tell you. Thus the short walks. 


And now I not so patiently wait for five o’clock so I can leave and go get my hair cut. Yep, it’s just a non-stop party here. However will I stand the excitement?

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Went to the gym last night after work and did A LOT!  There was 25 minutes on the elliptical (doing a "weight loss" program that kicked my ass), 5 minutes continuous on the leg press at 30 lbs, leg extensions and leg curls at 20 lbs and various arm machines at 10-20 lbs each.  I also did ab work. 

Yes, I can still move today.  Barely.  I'm sore in places I didn't even know existed.  Plus my allergies have kicked in big time now that the rain has stopped.  I have a sore body, a head full of snot, and itchy eyes.  So yeah, I'm not the happiest of campers today. 

And all I really want to do right now is go the gym and do it all over again! 
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I've been keeping tabs on various news sites and blogs as I usually do.  And honestly?  I don't understand people, especially on the Internet.  What is it about being online - and thus in many cases somewhat or completely anonymous - that makes people act like assholes? 

I read LKHs blog today for some reason and she tried to talk about serious stuff like the bailouts and taxpayers footing the bill for banks, the auto industry and other countries.  And tied it all to the asteroid that came mighty close on Monday.  She basically says that if we are going to throw all that money all over the place anyway why not put some of it toward a plan to protect Earth from asteroids and stuff?  I think she was being sarcastic.  I hope she was being sarcastic.  Regardless, the idea (especially if it was sarcasm) was good.  The execution?  Not so much. 

Then I checked out Elizabeth Bear's blog and saw that the whole people of color/writing the other/racism discussion is still going on.  And has evidently devolved into people on the interwebz calling her (and others) a racist.  Evidently friendships have ended over this!  She has stayed out of the kerfluffle for quite a while now but has evidently had enough.  I would link to her post but Bear, after letting her feelings be known, has asked that everyone let it go for a couple months and is asking for a moratorium until May.  So I won't link and this is the last I'll mention it. 

And the Obama's bought a swing set for the girls and set it up on the White House lawn.  Personally I think that is really cool!  They paid for it with their own money and it is American made from an American company.  What's not to like?  Well, according to some of the comments on CNN Obama has just destroyed the dignity of the White House and the Presidency.  Seriously!  There are people who think that having a swing set on the White House lawn is trashy or something.  Personally I don't understand how an example of two parents doing their best to be good parents and keep their children's lives as normal as possible can be such a bad thing.  People are always harping about "family values" - well there they are folks!

Now I should get back to work, which is its own cluster fuck these days.  So far no layoffs that I'm aware of but it isn't the end of the quarter yet.  I'm keeping a sharp eye on my spending and saving as much moola as I can just in case. 
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My knee has decided to pick now to fall apart.  Two days before I leave on vacation.  It gives tinges when I walk and has tried to give out twice.  It doesn't hurt a lot but its just not right enough to make me nervous and twitchy whenever I have to use it. 

Did I mention I leave on vacation in TWO DAYS?  The knee brace always goes with me on trips but it seems this time I will actually have to wear the damn thing.  Which means I either have to take it off before going through security at the airport and on the ship or I'm going to have to ask to be hand scanned everywhere.  Metal hinges and airport security - not a match made in heaven. 

I really don't want to miss all the Mayan ruins on this trip.  Sure, I can stay on the ship, hang out at the pool, get a massage at the spa, read a lot, stuff like that.  But I really hope that I can go explore ruins and stuff even if I have to hobble around in my brace to do it.  A vacation is still a vacation and I will gladly take the relaxation part of this trip.  But if I have to give up the adventure part I'm going to be pissed. 

Maybe I'll take my sketch book in case the most I can do is hobble to a good vantage point and then sit for a while.  I definitely will not be doing any climbing on this trip, that's for sure. 

Getting old sucks. 
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Today I am the monkey.

I was going to write my review of Whitechapel Gods today.  I even had some of it written out.  Then work imploded, my day went to shit for several hours, and I accidentally deleted the file.  So no book review today 'cause mythicalgirl is an idiot and doesn't know save from delete.  On a positive note after several hours of "Try this.  No?  OK, try this" it was finally discovered that the problem can't be fixed on my side and it is now someone else's problem.  Which is what I tried to say for six frigging hours but no one would accept on just my say so forcing me to prove that I was right.  

You know, I really hate having to prove that I'm right.  Some people need to realize that just because I have a uterus and boobs doesn't mean I'm an idiot.  The world would be a much better place if people would just accept that I know what the fuck I'm doing. MKAY?THX.

More snow coming in tonight.  Tomorrow's commute should be just wonderful.  I'm sure all the drunken monkeys will remember how to drive on slick roads - I mean it's only been what, a week?  (yes, I am a sarcastic bitch today.  sue me)

I'm sure there are a dozen other things I could rant about but I'm going to do the interwebs a favor and shut up for today. Here's hoping that tomorrow turns out better.

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There really isn't much to say today.  I have this whole idea for a blog on my social ineptitude but I am so totally not in the mood to write it at the moment.  Maybe this weekend.  At the moment I'm just waiting for the work day to be over enough for me to leave. 

Today's soup review is actually from yesterday as I had leftover spaghetti for lunch today.  
Campbell's Harvest Select Chicken with Egg Noodles
Of all the different types of soup I bought this one is probably the closest to the classic chicken and noodles.  Chicken, wide egg noodles, carrots and celery in a chicken stock.  Compared to the Tequila-Lime from the other day it was a wee bit boring but still a good soup.  I still don't get what it is about soup that dries out the meat though. Ah well, just another reason to go vegetarian.  
I give this one 7 out of 10 and I'll get it again.  

So far Campbell's is kicking Progresso's ass.  

Tonight is a trip to the grocery for tofu, veggies, and avocado burrito fixins.  And probably some beer.  I have to do it tonight as we have another winter weather advisory starting at midnight.  More freezing rain, sleet and snow.  And again, no real accumulation of anything but just enough freezing shit to make the roads crappy.  All of which makes tomorrow a good day to finally finish Whitechapel Gods.  I skipped reading Wednesday evening so I'm only about halfway through.  I will finish it and I will post a review in the next few days.  Then it goes in the box of books to send to my sissy and her hubster.  Which has been sitting in my office since I moved into the house a year ago.  Yeah, I think it's time to send it! 

And at some time this weekend I really need to go to DSW and go shoe shopping.  And prep for my trip.  And set up my mail and paper stops.  And, and.....too much to do!  I think I need to make a list before something in my brian snaps. 
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No soup review. I went soupless today and had PB&J instead (with orange marmalade - yum!). And dried mango. And cherry essence prunes. I'm leaving the raw veggies to snack on after my afternoon meetings. nom nom nom

I got through another 60+ pages of Whitechapel Gods last night. Not as far as I normally get but I'm watching the National Body Challenge on Discovery Health so I haven't started reading until 9 pm. At this rate it will be Friday before I finish, which might not be a bad thing - I'm really liking this book so I want to make it last! I was reading the reviews on amazon and some were kind of rude. A lot of comparisons to China Mieville, which I though was strange.  I feel WG is more a solid steampunk fantasy. The only Mieville I've (tried to) read is the first 120 pages of Perdido Street Station and while it definitely fit the dystopian-city-dirty-grimy-weird-fantasy it did not strike me as steampunk. There were also claims that WG borrows heavily from The Matrix, which so far I am not seeing. Either I'm not seeing some sort of subtext other people saw or I'm just not reading as much into it.

Of course I read for pleasure, not to critique - or impress everyone with my superior knowledge of the English language and literature. Sorry. I've just come across a lot of people tooting their own horns on the internets lately. Hey, promote yourself all you want, just don't do it at the expense of others. Seems some people are only happy when they are putting others down. OMG, that means the internet is just like the real world. *gasp*

And on that bitchy note I am going back to work.  Know how I said things had slowed down for a day or two?  Today? Not so much.  

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The situation with Israel and Hamas in Gaza right now is a travesty.  Neither side is in the right - both are committing condemnable acts of cruelty and destruction.  Hamas fires rockets into Israel, terrifying citizens and destroying property.  Israel retaliates by launching an air offensive that not only terrifies citizens and destroys property but so far has killed 375 people.  Yes, the majority of those people are supposedly Hamas militants but reports are that at least 60 of them are civilians.  And yes I know that Hamas uses the people in Gaza as human shields.  The only innocents in this conflict are the civilians - the ones who just want to go to work and take care of their kids and have enough to eat and a roof over their heads.  The ones who want a normal life where they don't have to be afraid of air strikes or suicide bombers when they walk to the market or take the bus.    

I don't have the answers for the Israeli/Palestinian problem.  It is obvious that even if you were to get both sides to sit down and talk , instead of bombing the shit out of each other, they wouldn't be able to come up with a solution that works for both.  Why?  Because both sides would have to compromise and neither side is willing to give anything up.  So instead they bicker and pick at each other like kids on the playground.  Until the bigger one gets pissed off that is and turns into a bully. 

Watching and reading the news coverage just makes me want to scream at them to grow up!  Didn't their mothers ever teach them that violence never solves anything?  Sure, it feels great to lash out and take a swing at someone when they hurt you (sorry sissy!).  But in the end not only is the problem still there but now there's another one because the person you hit is upset/injured/dead.  Which pisses off his friends.  Who want revenge.  Violence begets violence.  All it does is escalate things.  Meanwhile innocents die. 

Israel and Hamas?  Grow up!  
Its time to sit down and talk.  Find those things you have in common and be willing to let go of old grudges and hatred.  Be willing to compromise!  Until you do the blood of all those innocents is on both your hands. 
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I read this article today:

I don't really like the tone of the placard - to me it seems worded in a way that will purposefully antagonize Christians.  I am not a Christian and I doubt I'll ever be one but the tone still bothers me.  I'm of the mind set that spirituality, or the lack of it, is a personal thing and therefore none of your F***ing business.  And organized religion of any flavor leaves a bad taste in my mouth.    
Still, no one like to have their beliefs mocked. 

The part that got me is that someone, more than likely someone who believes in god and identifies as a Christian, took this placard down and tossed it into a ditch.  Meanwhile the atheists didn't touch the nativity scene.  No vandalism, no stealing of the baby Jesus.  Nope, they just put up a sign.  And their opponents stole property and tossed it away. 

Remind me again which side is hateful here? 


Nov. 21st, 2008 08:29 am
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I'm either having allergies from hell or I'm trying to get a cold.  Right now it's hard to tell.  My nose is running, my throat feels weird, and my ears are full.  It would be a perfect day to stay at home curled up on the couch in front of the fire.  Unfortunately work must be done or I don't get paid so I'm at the office trying not to be too much of a nuisance.  I'm sure my co-workers just love hearing me blow my nose every five minutes. 

Fun times.

I'm about 80 pages from the end of Four And Twenty Blackbirds by Cherie Priest and I'm really loving it.  I'm not seeing the scary mentioned in all the reviews but I do think its a really good book.  I have the other two Eden Moore books in the series as well, meaning as soon as I finish this one I can read the next.  Woot!  And since I'm trying to get sick reading may be about all I accomplish this weekend. 

In other news, I really have to stop reading Laurell K Hamilton's blog.  The latest entry is even weirder than normal. 
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Anyone who knows me well knows that I used to read Laurell K Hamilton's books.  Both series.  I even read several books after she, um, changed her style as it were.  Eventually I gave up on both series (AB after Danse Macabre and MG after Mistral's Kiss).  Not because of the amount of sex though.  Erotica, even straight out porn, doesn't bother me in the least.  And I've been known to read some Aphrodisia titles now and then (Kate Douglas' Chanku books are a fave).  No, I gave up reading LKH because her books, um, well....they started to suck. 

Sorry!  I know some people really like her stuff, even the new stuff.  I also know some people really, really hate where she has gone with her characters.  Me?  I think I started reading more Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance and found out that there were other authors who were more to my taste and, IMHO, were just plain better writers.  The thing about LKH - I never liked Anita or Merry.  I liked some of the men though.  Once they became emasculated shadows of their former selves?  Not so much.  Personally I always thought Antia was a whiny bitch that needing a good kick in the ass to make her grow up. 

Or maybe I grew up and that's why the books no longer appeal.  The controversy around LKH and the turn her work has taken though?  I do still keep up on that.  See, when she took Anita down the super-sex path a lot of her former readers revolted.  Or were revolted.  Ever heard of the Dear Negative Reader post on amazon?  Google it.  Readers and fans had a heyday bashing an Anita book on amazon and Ms. Hamilton responded in a way that just fanned the flames.  And the fire has yet to die.  There are sites all over the place devoted to bashing her work.  And some that bash her personally but I don't get into that.  The snark is fun but not when it gets personal. 

So where am I leading with all this?  Well the latest book, Swallowing Darkness (gawd what a title) came out last Tuesday.  Saturday I was in my local bookstore, one of the big chains.  I'm in there every couple of weeks so most of the associates know me by sight if not by name.  Normally when LKH has a release there is a big display at the front of the store or at least a stack with a face-out on the New Hardcovers display.  I looked.  And looked.  And looked.  I couldn't find any display for SD.  I finally found two copies in the horror section with the rest of her books.  TWO COPIES!  Normally there are like 20 or 30!  I finally flagged down one of the girls that works there that knows me and asked what was up with the new LKH book.  Why no display? 

Seems the last several books didn't sell well.  In fact Blood Noir sold so porely for them that they cut their normal orders for her books drastically.  And since the Merry Gentry books have never sold as well as the Anita Blake books the order was really small.  But more than two copies.  The rest were in the back. 

As for why it wasn't on the new hardcover table?  For the answer see the title of this post.  The poor associate was blushing as she pulled one of the copies off the horror shelf to show the cover.  If you haven't seen the cover, go here.  I pointed out that an obviously naked man holding a crown of thorns might not go over well here in the bible belt that is the Midwest.  The associate agreed and said their manager had freaked when he saw the cover.  Seems he's kind of devout and found it offensive. 

I wonder if other bookstores are having the same problem with this one?  Her covers have gotten racier and racier as time goes on. 

And really, it looks like the cover of erotica or porn.  Like the books you see in the Sexuality section, minus the crown of thorns of course.  Definitely doesn't belong in horror. 

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I had an incident with a coworker this morning.  Yeah, an "Incident".  That sounds better than saying I had words with a moron. 

See, I'm wearing my sticker that I got at the polls.  The one that says "I Vote, I Count".  I like this sticker.  Normally I am not at all a joiner.  I like to sit on the sidelines and watch the world go by.  I don't pay much attention to politics or get involved as a whole.  But I do educate myself on where the candidates stand so I can make an informed decision.  And as an aside, do you realize how HARD it is to get quality, unbiased information?  Fair and balanced my a**. 

Anyway, the one thing I do is vote.  I like voting.  I like feeling like I have had some sort of say in who runs this country and what happens to it.  Because, you know, I live here too.  So on election days I wear my sticker with pride and I'm happy about it. 

Mr. Moron Coworker asked me why I still had my sticker on at noon.  I told him the above.  And he laughed.  Laughed.  Then proceeded to tell me that its not like my vote counts anyway because these things are rigged and one person can't make a difference, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

Excuse me?  I hate that.  That is the rhetoric of futility that we as a people have been force fed for years and I'm sick of it.  I do too count.  And my vote can make a difference.  And if enough people actually get up off their lazy asses and do something about it we might manage to pull this country back from the abyss. 

I'll let a much more eloquent voice explain how I feel.  Lilith Saintcrow wrote about voting on her blog today and she definitely sums it up. 

So, if you haven't done so already get out there and cast your vote.  And if you aren't registered take the time to make sure you are before the next election.  Because you, and I, count.  And the occasional call to jury duty is a small price to pay for having a voice. 

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I guess I'm just having one of those days.  Unfortunately it is day 2 of this shit.  Bad traffic on the drives to and from work.  Bad attitudes at work.  Angry people at the grocery store.  Rude people at the book store.  Basically everywhere I've gone the last couple of days I've attracted the rudest people to me like moths to a flame.  Instead of a freak magnet I've turned into an asshole magnet.  Fabulous. 

One of my co-workers isn't talking to me right now either.  I lost my temper with her the other day and she hasn't forgiven me.  And I haven't apologized.  I probably should but I'm sick to death of always being the go-to answer person, even for shit that I didn't work on.  I'd finally had it.  There may or may not be a problem with a job that I had nothing to do with, don't know the name of, and don't know how, where or when it runs.  The person in question worked on this project and should know all this or at least remember who she worked with to go ask.  Instead she asks me.  And keeps asking me after I make it clear that I DON"T KNOW!  So I lost it.  I didn't exactly yell but I was snarky.  It was clear in my tone that I found the situation stupid and that she should figure it out herself, dammit. 

I am aware that my brain manages to remember shit from months and years ago.  I am also aware that I can sometimes pull a good answer out of thin air just by using common sense.  That doesn't mean that you should interrupt me a dozen times a day to ask questions that you should damn well know the answers to yourself.  Just because I'm here doesn't mean that I am your own personal free answer machine.  Do your own damn work! 

If I'm nice and helpful people take advantage of me.  If I say no I'm not being a team player.  And if I get snarky or snappish I'm being a btich.  There is no win in this situation.  Just a big steaming pile of fail. 

On the plus side I've been able to get a shitload done the last couple of days.

Hopefully the weekend will be better.  Other than getting a haircut, going to the grocery, and cleaning the house I have nothing that has to be done.  The grass pretty much no longer needs to be cut and not enough leaves have fallen yet to be worth raking so yard work is off the schedule.  Yay!  This weekend will likely be reading and watching the first two discs of The Tudors.  If I feel industrious I might make some black bean chili.  Whatever I do there will likely be a bottle of wine involved.  After this week I think I deserve it. 
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No, really, it is. I have empirical proof.  Yesterday while driving to work I had no less than three people swoop into my lane right in front of me. All three did so because the car in front of them was evidently going to slow by following the speed limit and since Indiana drivers must be first they changed lanes to go around them. The fact that I was right there was irrelevant. All three missed hitting me by inches. If I'd been accelerating at the time at least one of them would have crunched my right front bumper. 

Then while downtown I was turning right onto a one-way street. Four lanes for me to choose from and needed to furthest one. But the car in the straight lane next to me decided they needed to turn right as well, despite the fact that they were not in a turn late and, you know, my car was in the way. No accident but several curse words were spoken aloud. 

This morning? It happened again! Granted, it was only once but I now no longer have any doubt in my mind that my car (and me when I'm in it) must in fact be invisible. Wonder Woman has her Invisible Jet. Me? I have the Invisible Vue!  

I noticed something else about each of the cars that nearly hit me. All five of them (not one, not two but all five) had an "In God We Trust" license plate. Now for those of you unfamiliar with Indiana license plates the DMV in their infinite wisdom decided a couple of years ago to offer an alternative plate for the same price as the standard plate. Its a specialty place but you don't have to pay more for it like you would for a college or charity plate. This new plate has a blue background, white lettering, American flag waving majestically across the bottom and "In God We Trust" in big bold letters. 

I don't have a problem with this license plate in and of itself. I've always been a wee bit irked that it's a specialty plate but people don't have to pay more for it because no money is going to charity. OK. Fine. My problem is that some people with this plate seem to think it means that God is their personal co-pilot and therefore they can drive like drunken monkeys. Not everyone with the plate, just some.  And all of them seem to be gunning for me. 

So either my car is invisible or there are drunken monkeys driving around. Either way I'm scared!


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