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My new desktop was finally built out and brought up to my desk Wednesday about mid-day. And thankfully the thing seems to be working just fine (wood....I need wood to knock on).

The last couple of days have been a mad dash to finish setting up the new PC and get as much work done as possible as I am way behind.  On the plus side I'm pretty much done setting up the PC.  On the minus, well, despite getting a metric shitload of work done the last two days I also picked up three more projects.  And I'm still behind.  There was an IM from a project manager yesterday asking when I'd have certain code to the tester.  I was a bit testy by then and told her she was not first, nor second, but third on my list; it would likely be Monday before I even knew when I'd get to her stuff; in the meantime go away - I'll let you know when I have something to share.  I know she didn't mean anything by it - she has her job to do too - but by that point I'd been asked "when will I get my stuff" so often I was ready to scream. 

There will be work again this weekend although I'm not sure yet how much.  I have 3 more hours today before I go hit the gym and it really depends on how productive I manage to be in that time. 

In other news I am at the end of my first 6-week weight loss period - weighed in last night at a very solid 205.  At my lowest during the 6 weeks I was about 203.  I gained some weight back last week with some indiscriminate munching and lady-cycle related water retention.  The bloating seems to be correcting itself and I've worked off some of what the munchies left behind.  All this means I met my first short-term goal of 5 pounds in 6 weeks.  YAY!  The next 6-week has now started with the goal of being 200 (or lower) by 5/27. 

Now I must get back to work as I would like to enjoy at least some of my weekend. 

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Got a new laptop yesterday afternoon.  Within an hour I'd killed the thing.  OK, I didn't really kill it.  Seems the hard drive went bad and that this has been happening a lot with this batch of laptops. 

Day two of being unable to do my job.  I'm working on a loaner laptop today, which lets me do my email and surf the web and pretty much nothing else.  No access to any of my tools.  Counting Sunday I am now three days behind due to technical issues beyond my control.  My boss is being fairly understanding as I've kept her informed - maybe overly informed.  Kind of in a snit that I'm not getting anything accomplished but not taking it out on know, since I can't do anything about it. 

A desktop is currently being built out for me.  If I have it today it will be late.  Most likely I'll get it tomorrow.  I'm supposed to get an update this afternoon.  If they call and say it will be tomorrow I'm leaving early.  There's no reason for me to hang around here when I can't freaking do anything.  I can check my email from home via Citrix. 

Yes, I am cranky.  I hate being behind.  I hate being unproductive.  And I hate having to wait for other people to do their jobs so I can do mine. 
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Many great and wondrous plans for the past weekend, all of which were meant to get me back on track with work as I'm really tried of being behind. 

Lo, the laptop died. 

Shut down at work on Friday, no evidence of a problem.  Tried to boot the thing up Sunday and no joy.  Blue screen of death with the message "Registry cannot load the hive file".  Which means something in the registry got KO'd during the last shutdown.  Stupid thing just kept going blue screen - reboot - blue screen - reboot.  Many curse words were said.  I may have invented some new ones.    

I was able to get some work done from my home PC via Citrix but the majority of what I need is on the laptop.  Which is dead.  Brought it in today and handed it over to the tech guys that deal with that stuff.  Now according to Google all they need to do is boot from the XP disk and run a repair as this 'usually' works.  So I'm thinking "great - I'll have my code back in no time". 

No one can find the stinking disk! 

The tech guys that deal with this stuff decide they need to set up a new laptop for me.  I tell them fine but I need my files from the hard drive so when was the last backup.  The first answer I got was March 3.  What?  There's a process running the the background on the stupid thing that is supposed to be doing a back up of my files four times a week.  How could it have gone more than a month without doing a backup?  After much questioning the tech guys that deal with this stuff looked a bit deeper at the most recent backup and found files from April 7.  This news made me very happy as it means I didn't lose as much as we originally thought.  

I am currently doing email and not much else on a co-workers PC while I wait for my new laptop to be set up.  She doesn't do the same stuff I do so I'm missing almost all of my tools.  I should have the new machine today along with all my files from the last backup.  The hard drive from the dead machine is currently being decrypted and hopefully we'll be able to get the most updated files and anything that is missing from the backup.  It will take me another couple of days after I get the new laptop to get it all configured, of couse. 

So instead of being caught up after a weekend of diligently working on my projects I am now even further behind and currently sans computer.  Today is a wash, as will be tomorrow.  It will be Wednesday before I'm truly productive again. 

Meaning I'm even further behind than I was before.  Project Managers have been informed as have my boss and my tester.  I am amazingly calm, all things considered.  Either I'm getting better at handling stress or I've given up. 


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