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Despite waking up with a headache I still did my yoga practice this morning.  I did a simple practice I got from Yoga Journal magazine and then a 30 minute Yoga For Abs Rodney Yee video.  So about 45 minutes of yoga and then another 30 minutes of a Leslie Sansone Walk Strong video - in-home walking and strength training intervals.  I feel so virtuous!  Or I would if I didn't still have a headache but I took some drugs so hopefully it will back off soon.

Today is house cleaning day but not all of it is going to get done.  I cleaned the kitchen, cleaned my bathroom, and ran the vacuum.  Laundry is in the washer, dishes are in the dishwasher.  That's enough for one day, right?  There's also work stuff to do but that just isn't going to happen today.  I have season 1 disc 1 of BSG to watch but I'm not sure I'll dive in to that today.  BSG is really, really good but also very dark and depressing.  I think I need something a bit more uplifting today so I'll either read or maybe watch something fun. 

Or take a nap.  A nap sounds good. 

What about you?  What are you up to today?
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I did my yoga practice when I got up this morning, making the third day in a row I've done some sort of yoga.  I still feel like a baby at this sometimes. Especially when trying to do 15 sun salutations and failing.  I don't have the strength or stamina yet to do that many - although I did 5 sun salutation A and 5 sun salutation B this morning, which is more than I've ever done in a single practice before.  So YAY Me! 

The goals state getting to the gym three times a week for regular workouts and doing yoga twice a week.  This past week I only made one of my regular workouts but I went to two yoga classes and did a home practice today.  I could call it even but I really want to get my gym schedule turned into a habit, which means going when I say I will. 

The two yoga classes I'm going to are both hatha based classes.  One is more of a vinyasa flow class, very ashtanga, while the other has some flow but is more gentle.  Basically on Thursday evening I sweat my ass off and on Friday at noon I don't.  I love both classes. 

The Friday class with M- lets me decompress and recenter in the middle of my day.  It would be great to have this class every day as I have a hard time finding my center and taking a moment for myself during my normal workday.  M- is always introducing new asanas and is great at modifications and alternate poses.  For example I can't do plow.  I know lots of people love plow pose but it is a strain to get my legs over my head (I'm short but not a small girl) and when I do it feels like I can't breathe - too much weight on my heart and lungs.  So I do bridge pose instead, getting the same benefits without the feeling of suffocation.  I use blocks with a lot of standing poses so I can move deeper into the pose without putting strain on my bad knees.  I also sit on the block in some seated postures.  The strap is used for king fisher and boat as I can't comfortably grab my foot without hurting my knee.  I also use the strap for some arm work when I can't interlace my hands due to tight shoulders. 

During the Thursday evening class with K- I still use the props (blocks and strap) when needed as the most important thing is not to hurt myself.  Both K- and M- tell the class that where you are is where you should be, leave the ego at the door, etc.  It is not a competition.  Although I do find myself pushing myself a bit more in the class with K-.  Hers is a much more physically challenging class and I love testing myself in there.  I know my limits though so no plow, no shoulder stand, etc.  Use modifications when needed, take a break when I have to, use props.  But if I didn't push myself I wouldn't do things like flipping the table (downward dog over into a backbend, then back to downward dog) and seriously I love that move!  I also seriously love that I can do it because a year ago there would be no way and now while it isn't effortless it feels almost natural.  So cool. 

I plan to gradually work my way up to doing a practice every day.  Although that means getting up earlier in the morning before work and, well, I really love my sleep.  Mornings and mythicalgirl don't really mix that well.  All I can do is try, right? 


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