More Snow

Dec. 18th, 2010 01:08 pm
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The drive to work on Monday was a bit iffy but not nearly as bad as I expected.  The roads sucked, what with the blowing snow and more coming down, but it was passable.  I left later than normal and it only took me about 15 minutes longer to get to work.  By Tuesday evening everything was clear except my street, which was never plowed. 

On Wednesday evening it snowed again.  I think officially we got another 2.5 inches.  I had 4 inches from Sunday and another 3+ inches of fresh powder Thursday morning.  This time I left earlier than normal as I had a meeting.  Bad idea.  Every drunken monkey driver in the city must have had the same idea and it took me nearly an hour to get to work.  By evening the roads were just wet - and my street had finally been plowed!  I was beginning to wonder what I was paying HOA dues for. 

So far I've had to shovel my driveway three times this week.  And more snow is on the way for Monday and Tuesday.  It looks like we will be having a white Christmas this year.  I love the snow - everything is so pretty - but I hate driving in it.  Not because the roads suck, although they usually do, but because there's always one or more a-hole in an SUV that thinks they can go as fast as they want, changing lanes when they want, tailgating, etc.  Such stellar example of humanity, these people. 


Dec. 12th, 2010 03:45 pm
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Nothing like they got in Minnesota, of course.  The last weather report I saw said 2-4 inches.  Unless it stops soon I'm thinking we'll end up over that. 

View from the front door:

View from the back door:

Both pictures taken from inside the house as it is f!cking cold out there!  If anyone needs me I'll be in front of the fire. 

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I meant to get up at 5:30 this morning in order to get the drive to work over with before a) the bulk of the snow arrived and b) all the drunken monkeys came out in their SUVs and 4-wheel drives and made the commute dangerous with their "I'm Invincible" antics. 

Instead I woke at 8:15 going OH SHIT!  Seems when I reset my alarm clocks (yes, I have two of the) I got the numbers correct but not the AM/PM part and both clocks were set to 5:30 PM.  Yes, both clocks.  How I managed to do that I have no idea. 

I seriously contemplated working from home instead of braving the crappy roads.  After the showering and getting dressed there was the dithering for a few minutes.  I finally logged in to check with my boss and decided to brave the roads (and the drunken monkeys) and come to work. 

The drive wasn't that bad, actually.  I left so much later than normal that it only took me about 15 minutes longer than normal and traffic wasn't that heavy for the most part.  The roads are crap, all slushy, and the snow continues but coming in with lighter traffic definitely made the difference between not bad and OMG what a nightmare.  My only problems were some people going way slower than they needed to accompanied by the above mentioned drunken monkeys weaving between lanes because the traffic was Too Slow!  And there was that one intersection were I wasn't entirely sure I was going to actually stop.  I did the anti-lock brake stomp and steer and stopped just barely in time.  Yes it was scary and no I don't want to do that again. 

All in all my little Prius did very well in it's first real snow event.  The next test will be the drive home this evening.

And yes, it is still snowing. 

Snow Day

Dec. 16th, 2008 01:38 pm
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The snow has started although most of it is tracking to the north. So far we have a dusting and some sleet. The true storm is set to hit around 4pm this afternoon - right in time for everyone to go home. Yipee! Not only do I get to drive home trying to avoid all the drunken monkeys but I'll get to deal with shitty roads as well.

I love the Midwest. *sigh*

I've been seriously thinking about getting a pet and I think I'd rather have a cat than a dog. As much as I love dogs I just can't see having one when I work 10 to 12 hours a day on average. Dogs need to be let out in the yard to play and go potty. Plus they really should go for a walk every day. And I am not the kind of girl to want to get up early to take care of the pooch before I go to work or to spend time walking/playing when I get home from work. If I lived with someone else with whom I could share responsibility? Maybe.

The problem with getting a cat of course is that I'm allergic. I haven't been around any cats in so long I have no idea how bad my allergies are anymore. I might be better, might be worse. No clue. The plan is to get an allergy test done when I go in for my yearly physical. Hopefully the results will be good or at least something we can deal with. A cousin of mine has cat allergies but did the shots and he's fine with his cat.

It will be some work cat-proofing my studio and installing HEPA filters and stuff. But I really, really love kitties and would love to have one. I've been spending way too much time on looking for one to rescue.

OK. Enough drooling over felines. Back to work!
(wish me luck on the drive home!)

Yellow Snow

Dec. 8th, 2008 12:50 pm
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It snowed here all day Saturday.  Accumulation was only about an inch but the freezing precipitation lasted the whole day so driving was a little dicey.  It also meant I had to brave the cold yesterday to shovel off my driveway.  I actually like doing that chore - it is kind of like my workout for the day and I always feel a sense of accomplishment after physical labor.  Wasn't so thrilled with the 20 degrees F though.  The cheeks (face, not butt) are a wee bit chapped. 

While releasing my drive from the deep freeze most of my neighbors came out to do their own outdoor Stuff.  Meaning four of the neighborhood dogs came out to play as well.  There was much barking, running around maniacally, and laughing at the doggies playing in the snow.  And, of course, much pooping and marking territory as dogs are want to do.  I love dogs and the ones in my neighborhood are great but I really, really hate dog poop in my yard.  If I wanted to clean up piles of shit I would have a dog of my own already. 

By the time I got back around to finishing the driveway the snow that was left was all packed down with footprints and some of it was yellow - a present from the puppies!  Yipee!

Maybe I'll get a cat.


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