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This is a holiday weekend here in the US which means I get three days off.  Yay!  So what am I planning to do with my bonus me time? 

Absolutely nothing.

I have gardens to work on and if I'm ever going to plant veggies this year I need to get to it but its going to be in the 90s all weekend, which is yuck, so I plan on staying where the air conditioning is.  I might get outside to do some work if I get up early enough (Ha!) before it gets hot but I'm not making any plans. 

The painting really popped once I did the "lead" lines.  I'm actually more happy with it than I thought I would be - I'm seldom happy with any of my work until it has time to grow on me so this is kind of a surprise.  I need to finish it soon as I have some new ideas involving stencils, modeling paste, and color washes I want to try out. 

It really is good being creative again. 

For now I'm just trying to get through the rest of the work day until I can get out of here for a weekend of reading, Babylon 5 (season 2!), WalMart, more reading, and naps! 
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As normal with the day before a holiday the office was quiet this morning as everyone finished up work for the week.  Plus a lot of people are out.  Since about noon (EST) it has been a little less quiet as people gab and gossip and generally do anything but work to stave off the boredom.  There's been much storytelling, web surfing and game playing the last few hours.

You gotta love corporate America around the holidays.  Any suit who thinks people are going to be productive the day before a four-day weekend has his head up his butt. 


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