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My brain is all over the place today, which is a fairly common occurrence when I'm trying to figure out a particularly tricky piece of code.  It means that the solution is working itself out in my back brain.  Evidently the effort makes the rest of my brain jump the tracks.  *sigh*

So here's a list of stuff that is currently swirling around inside my skull. 

- A couple of coworkers came in sick today.  They have since been sent home - a good indication that they were too sick to be here in the first place.  Which means that the odds are good for an epidemic of office plague in the next week or so.  With one person it is a cold.  Two and it is "something going around".  When half the office is out I call it plague. 

- I read The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher over the holiday break.  Can I just say Wow?  I love history as everyone knows and I like murder mysteries but I've never really gotten into true crime.  But this book was just amazing. It combines a history on the event in question and a treatise on the beginnings of detective fiction in Victorian England, all written in a style more consistent with a mystery than a history book.  I found myself not wanting to put it down.  I think I read nearly 300 pages in one sitting.  The narrative gets a little bogged down on occasion, possible from the author trying to take on too much information at once, but other than that I was spellbound.  Definitely a book I'm glad to have read. 

- No movies lately.  My attention span for books has been great but for movies or TV?  Not so much. 

- I had a whole rant about the latest blog entries over on the LKH blog (I know, I was going to stop reading. Think of it like a car wreck) and then another rant about some of the too-personal snark on the various pages devoted to LKH (not the nice ones, obviously).  But I decided what's the point?  It's not like the people who read my blog don't know how I feel about both.

-  It snowed yesterday and last night.  The world was beautiful and my fellow drivers on the road were a bunch of drunken monkeys.  If anyone in the Midwest doubts that it is winter then they haven't been paying attention. 

- I had asparagus with dinner last night.  Enough said.

OK, time to switch back to my program and see if anything has clicked. 

Stay warm out there.  And watch out for the drunken monkeys. 

List Day

Nov. 13th, 2008 03:10 pm
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Today we have a bulletted list because I'm kind of tired and can't seem to put together anything resembling a coherent thought.

  • I finished Heart Of Light by Sarah Hoyt the other night.  After a slow start that had me a little worried it ended up being a pretty good read.  The Victorian era with a twist thing is one of my favorites when it comes to alternate history and Hoyt did it well.  The blurb on the back cover is a little misleading though as the main character is actually one of three and he is probably the least important of the bunch.  The magic isn't explained to death, something I've found a lot of lately.  Here is just is.  What is explained is why some people have more than others and herein lies the heart of the plot.  As with most Victorian romances and mysteries a lot of the angst comes from mistaken identity, assumed motivations and really bad choices made because while everyone talks they do so per the conventions of polite society so they never really say anything.  There is a real danger with this trope of Victoriana for it to get old and annoying but I'm happy to say that in this book, for me, it didn't.  I enjoyed the book and the other two in the series are now on my wishlist. 
  • I've been working with spreadsheets all day and I swear its made my eyesight worse. 
  • Tonight will be the third night I do a 2-mile in home walking program.  I so have to get a treadmill.  I don't know if I'll ever start running - not with my knees - but it would be nice to use the incline feature.  And I really hate gyms.  Too many people.
  • The upcoming cruise is all set up and paid for so all there is to do now is wait for January 24th to get here.  Man, its going to take forever, isn't it?  I can't wait to do things I've never done before like kayaking (Key West) and a zip-line through the jungle (Belize).  Dad and I chose some more strenuous excursions this time, thus the emphasis on exercise in my life lately.
  • I'm thinking of making a crock pot meal for Thanksgiving - Cran-Apple Chicken.  Except that means I have to actually fix chicken and I'm not sure about that.  While I'll eat meat I don't ever fix it myself.  But I don't think tofu works well in the crock pot and if I want to expand my culinary options I may have to learn how to handle chicken and fish.  
  • Tonight should be a reading night after my workout and dinner.  I'm still working on the biography of Marie Antoinette as it isn't really holding my attention.  Time for some fiction.  Maybe a mystery of some kind.     
  • At the moment there are no plans for this weekend and if it keeps raining I won't have to rake leaves either.  That means sleeping in.  YAY!


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