Mar. 23rd, 2012

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I just had a slightly uncomfortable conversation with the Project Manager on The Project from Hell.  He was over here to tell me that one of the invitees to a meeting on Monday will not be able to attend.  As he was telling me this he was poking me in the shoulder the whole time, trying to be cute!  I told him that he needed to stop doing that RIGHT NOW!  He did - which is good for him because I was seconds from losing my shit and punching him.  He was totally confused as to why that bothered me until I said "personal space" and then he seemed to get it.  And apologized.  And stepped a couple of feet away so he was no longer in my space.

I appreciate the apology and the recognition that he was at fault and needed to change his behavior since his usual response would be to act as if I’m overreacting.  But damn, dude, WTF!  I am not your friend and you do not get to touch me without permission.  Way to be inappropriate.   

 On a more positive note I am NOT working this weekend, despite having more than enough to do.  I told the above-mentioned PM yesterday that while I know I have dates to meet I am taking this weekend off.  Today, after the awkward situation, he told me not to work this weekend just to reinforce that he was supportive of that decision.  Trying to regain my favor it would seem.  Whatever.  

No plans right now for the weekend – although sleep sounds good.  The fridge is kind of empty so I expect a grocery run sometime tomorrow.  As for tonight I’ll probably pick something up for dinner, open a bottle of wine, and read more of my book (The Tigress of Forli by Elizabeth Lev about Caterina Sfoza).



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