Apr. 4th, 2012

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I have a new garage door!  Pretty garage door!

Watching the demolition of the old door, track, etc was cool.  Thankfully the guys doing the work weren't bothered by my watching - actually they laughed at me a bit as I was so obviously enthralled watching it all come down.  Then the phone rang and I was cold so I went back inside, told the FOP that no, I didn't want to donate to them right now thank you very much, played some sudoku and then went back out to the garage to see the progress and had a new door.  Did I mention that it is pretty?  The gray matches the siding almost exactly. 

Today I also:
- cleaned the kitchen and living room (before the garage door)
- ran the dishwasher (also before the garage door)
- talked to my parents (after)
- took myself out to eat at the local Mexican joint (after)

At the resturant I spoke my very limited Spanish with my waitress who was thrilled that I was trying and helped me with the words/phrases I didn't understand.  This is why I like Margaritas - they let me practice and don't get snippy when I get stuck.  Plus the food and the serivce are great. 

In less happy news (thus the bipolar icon) today is the mid-point of my vacation.  Only 5 days left before I have to go back to work.  And tomorrow is the A/C guy between 8 and noon, meaning I have to get my butt out of bed early. 

In the meantime I'm going to enjoy this as much as possible!  Later.


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