Feb. 3rd, 2012

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I switched routes home the other day to try to avoid some of the traffic.  For the most part it has worked and while it still takes me twice as long as normal to get home at least the traffic is moving. 

Today at lunch I actually participated in some of the Super Bowl stuff.  Co-worker Country Mouse wanted to walk down to the Super Bowl Village to see it but didn't want to go by herself so I went with.  First we went over to Monument Circle to check out the giant XLVI sign.  Then it was south on Meridian to the Super Bowl Village on Georgia Street.  We walked west along Georgia to Capitol, past a couple of stages where (thankfully) no one was currently playing, various food tents, some games, etc.  At Capitol we watched some people fly by on the zip-lines before making our way back north to grab some lunch and return to the office. 

I have never seen so many people in Indy before.  It was freaking nuts, man.  People everywhere.  Country Mouse was actually surprised at how well I did since she knows that crowds are not at all my thing.  But being in my own city made it easier, I think.  Although now I have a killer headache, partly from the sun & cold, partly from tamping down my reaction to all the peeps. 

So I went to the Super Bowl Village.  I'm glad I went and ever more glad that I never have to go again. 

The neatest thing about it?  How freaking clean everything is!  There are people everywhere and almost all of them are eating, drinking, smoking.  I don't know how the city is doing it but we barely saw any trash anywhere (except the trash cans and even they weren't even close to full). 

Kudos, Indy.  Well done. 


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