Feb. 21st, 2012

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I meant to post over the weekend but was having far too much fun doing absolutely nothing to bother.  I took both Friday and Monday as vacation days, giving myself a four day weekend. 

It was glorious.

The only errand I absolutely had to do was take the car in for its 6 month checkup Friday morning.  Did that and the rest of the weekend was mine.  I did leave the house a couple of times to go shopping for shoes and purses - otherwise I was either sleeping, reading or surfing.  I didn't even go to the grocery store!  Other than a brief headache on Saturday (brought on by all the yahoos out while I was shopping) I even felt good for a change.  Head was fine, tummy was fine, no stress.  Mom even mentioned on the phone Sunday that I was obviously in a good mood. 

Then I came back to work today.  Made it all of 45 minutes before something pissed me off.  Today I wrestled with our new help ticket system, wrote a tech design, told my PM* on The Project From Hell that we didn't have the resources to do what we needed to (AGAIN!), and spent most of the day solving problems that shouldn't have had to wait for me to get back.  Typical day at the office.

Now I'm going to go home, fix something for dinner, have a nice glass of wine and read for a while before bedtime so I can do it all again tomorrow. 

* The PM is back after being really, really sick.  He came back Thursday but I didn't see him that day and then I was out.  The only time I saw him today was in a meeting where I and a couple of others told him everything he didn't want to hear - just as we've been doing for freaking months now I might add - and he was very unhappy. 


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