Sep. 20th, 2012

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Come in to work, log in, get breakfast.
Halfway through breakfast OMGF!INGCRISIS!HELP!
Leave other half of breakfast to get cold. Solve crisis.
Go to meeting (still hungry)
Go to another meeting (still hungry)
Meeting turns into OMGCRISIS.  
Work with others, try to be voice of reason, solve crisis.
Go to another meeting, get asked why my shit isn't done.  See number of meetings.
Lunch and/or go outside and try not to scream
Bring lunch back to my desk.
Catch up on news, blogs and email while eating.
Halfway through lunch OMG!F!INGCRISIS!HELP!
Leave other half of lunch to get cold/warm/inedible.  solve crisis
Go to meeting (hungry, nauseous, and pissed off)
Go to another meeting, PM doesn't remember leaving decision in my lap and saying they support me, now everyone questioning decision and PM throws me under the bus.
Miss a meeting scheduled ten freaking minutes ago because hey I already have another meeting.
Results of missed meeting generate yet another F!INGCRISIS! We have to redesign the entire F!ing project right F!ing NOW!
Skip a meeting to frantically try to stem the bleeding and solve the manufactured and totally unnecessary crisis.
Crisis (hopefully) averted.  Peers say thank you.  Management = crickets
PM that threw me under the bus has OMG!F!INGCRISIS!HELP!  Tempted to flip off and walk away.
Grit my teeth and be a professional.  Solve crisis. 
Finally answer email from hours dealing with meetings and crisis after crisis.
Add several more tasks to my list.  Mark exactly zero complete.
Go home and prepare to do it again tomorrow.

* I would like this job a lot better if some of the people I worked with would use their brains for more than keeping their skulls from collapsing. 


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