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My internet connection at home is being wonky plus the parents are in town staying at the house so blogging over the weekend is probably in the "not gonna happen" column. Odds are I'm going to have to call Comcast yet again to report one more time that my internet and On Demand signal is toast and keeps dropping. Yes, a tech has been out to look at it and did indeed find a signal problem. And promptly said it was at the pole out back which wasn't his job. According to Customer Service 'someone came out Monday' but I'm still dropping connections after 10-15 minutes on line. I have to turn of both the modem and the computer for a minute and force it to pick up a new IP address before I get the connection back. And then the whole damn process starts all over again.

They get one more week. If it's not fixed I'm calling AT&T about U-Verse.

I may do most of my surfing while at work (on my lunch break of course) but I can't deal with no internet at home.

I'm gonna go home now.


Oct. 14th, 2008 06:10 pm
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I don't want to post about work on here because that's the quickest way for me to get in trouble.  Let me just say that it was most definitely a day today. 

On the plus side I managed to find some icons and customize the page a bit so it doesn't look quite so boring.  Although it is still a pretty lame site when you consider that I program for a living.

The only good things I can say about today:
1.  I didn't kill anyone
2.  I only said Fuck about 10 times
3.  I got an idea for a new painting

So all in all not a complete waste! 


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