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The project that I thought was nearly over has once again reared its ugly head and is rapidly making my life a living hell. 

We had a small problem with an object so it went back to the vendor with a request to fix it, please, and send it back.  Instead they sent back a brand new installer with new versions of all the objects that doesn't install the same way or in the same place, plus has a build problem, and now none of my code will compile because it fails to load the dlls.  And every time I send it back to them saying no, this isn't what I need and it will they please just update the one object and if they must send the full installer can it please be the version that they sent in July, thank you, they act like they have no idea what the effing hell I'm talking about.  Lovely. 

At least I have gotten the powers that be around here to understand that I can't work any faster and there is nothing I can do when the vendor sends me crap, especially when it is broken crap.  Things are still super stressful but not quite as bad as they were on Tuesday when I was nearly frustrated to tears. 

In today's plague update we seem to be in a lull.  No new cases among coworkers or kids.  A couple of doctor visits resulted in diagnosis of colds, not flu.  Coworkers previously out with sick kids are now back to work and so far are showing no signs of having caught the flu.  Colds seem to be making the rounds though. 

Back to work.  More updates as they happen. 
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One coworker back to work but son with H1N1 is still on Tamiflu (and doing better - YAY!)
Two coworkers out with sick kids.  One known case of H1N1 in that bunch.
One coworker taking sick child to doctor later today to find out 1) is it flu and 2) if so is it H1N1. 

Hand sanitizer and reminders to wash hands, sneeze into elbows and stay home if sick are all over the building. 


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