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I was hoping to start blogging more regularly but obviously that hasn't happened. 
The weekend sucked big time.  I did not get the metric shit-ton of work done that I needed to do as I ended up sick.  I took it easy on Saturday as planned, going to the bookstore and generally doing not much of anything.  After the bookstore I stopped at my favorite Thai place and had Pad Pak Rum Mitt (mild) as an early dinner.  The food was super fantastic as always.  Went home and finished a book then went to bed.  About 3:00 AM I woke up sick as a dog - gastrointestinal distress of all kinds.  I won't go in to TMI but suffice it to say that it lasted until six ayem and when the smoke cleared I was desperately dehydrated, had a sore throat, and had pulled a muscle in my back. 

So Sunday I recovered.  I shouldn't have done anything but I got kind of OCD about the house being dirtly so I cleaned the kitchen, both bathrooms, and vacuumed.  After that the dehydration headache was too bad to contnue so I made myself relax.  Called the parents to tell them I was sick and not really in the mood to talk - they were sympathetic and understanding.  No one likes being sick.  Then I slept on the couch for three hours.  I wasn't intending to sleep that long but hey, I guess I needed it.  Didn't keep me from sleeping Sunday night either. 

Even though I've recovered from the sickies I've been taking it easy on the food front this week, doing cereal, rice, soup and yogurt for the most part.  Now it is lunch time on Wednesday and I am starved.  I have soup with me but I may go get a sandwich or something as I think I need something more substantial. 

In other news we had a meeting today for The Project From Hell where we went over the project plan for the next month.  Yeah, it won't work.  Not only because I'm leaving for vacation in three weeks so I won't be here for half of it but also because last time I checked I actually need to sleep occasionally.  The project plan is for 4 items that we haven't done requirements or design for yet and the vendor assumed 100% resource commitment to get it done.  Unfortunately I'm already at 100% for other tasks on The Project From Hell like ETL and Web Integration.  I'm good (if I do say so myself) but I can't commit 200% of my time.  At least not without going crazy.  Plus it isn't just me - the whole team was over-committed big time.  So the PM is going to have to redo the schedule and play some politics.  In the end we'll probably all still be over-committed and over-whelmed but maybe not as bad as it looks right now. 

Oh, who am I kidding?  We're going to be told to work overtime and do whatever it takes to get it done in the timeframe that the vendor set so that it doesn't cost us anymore money. 

Meanwhile I'm counting down to 2:00 PM on the 20th.  Freedom! 
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Twenty-five degrees this morning.  With a wind chill of 13. 
This is the part of Indiana that I don't like.  Its not even officially winter but you wouldn't know it from looking outside.

And I forgot my iPod at home this morning too.  My day, she is not starting off well. 


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