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So the snow the other day ended up only being a dusting.  In its place we got several hours of "freezing drizzle".  Otherwise known as a big fucking mess.  Took me an hour and a half to get home the other night. 

And tonight?  We get to do it again!  The advisory starts at 7pm.  We are supposed to get freezing rain and sleet, changing to just rain.  So hopefully my commute both tonight and tomorrow morning will not remind me of one of the circles of hell.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the rain (real rain, not this freezing shit) starts at midnight and temps stay above freezing. 

In other happy news I had a production move this morning so I get to leave in 10 minutes.  Woo Hoo!  A quick swing by the grocery to get a ripe avocado and some beer then home, James.  I get to do it again tomorrow - the production move, not the avocado.  Although I'll probably have a beer tomorrow.  

I'm almost finished with Archangel Protocol by Lyda Morehouse.  Me likey!  I may force my brain to do a little work this weekend and do a review.  More important is to find more LJ icons!  Time to surf!

Later, gator.
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Sorry for the radio silence lately.  This week has not been a good one what with work going into overdrive and me getting the sickies.  I've evidently been clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth again so much (even when awake) that my jaw aches, it hurts to chew and I can only open my mouth so far without pain.  I've had to start sleeping with the nightguard again, which sometimes triggers my gag reflex.  Combine that with a a queasy stomach and I haven't been getting a whole hell of a lot of restful sleep. 

I started reading Magic Study (finished Poison Study last week) (can't remember the author right now).  I don't have any coherent observations on either book at the moment.  I think my brain is officially on strike.  That or it wants to get back to work and get this shit done! 

Maybe I'll be able to put together a worthwhile post later.  At the moment I just suck. 


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