May. 8th, 2012

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I'm bored and still having trouble concentrating today so I decided to clean out my directory on the network.  You know, get rid of old files, delete shit that has been out there for years.  I have a serious amount of old junk stored out there so it is taking a while to get through, especially since I'm opening each file to see what it is before I hit delete.

That's how I found this jem.  I must have been extremely bored on October 21, 2005 when I wrote this (at 4:30 PM if anyone cares).  I was still reading a lot of paranormal romance at that time and I think it was before I stopped reading Laurell K Hamilton completely.  It comes off as really bad fan fic complete with Mary Sue.  Thankfully it isn't long. 

Behind the cut to spare the refined sensibilites of my readers! 
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This one is from February 19, 2003 at 1:43 PM.  Obviously influenced by the classical studies and mythology classes I was taking at the time.  If I remember correctly in my mythology class we had to take one of the characters from Greek Mythology and make a new myth for them.  I wrote a (very) short story.  No, I don't remember what kind of grade I got but since I aced the class it couldn't have been too bad!

Behind the cut for f-list mercy.

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