Apr. 26th, 2012

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I am now helping the tester's...oops, make that system validation associates...on TPFH to beef up their test plan for the acceptance test of the vendor code.  The vendor came back today and said that while it was a good test plan they didn't think it went far enough and we needed to go deeper with it.  This received varied responses - the SQAs and their boss were NOT happy, the PMs (old and new) were all super serious ("what do you think we need?") and me?  I started out the day without a dog in this fight so I was like whatevs but if I can help I will.  Because I'm an idiot like that.

Fast forward to this afternoon where we had another meeting without the vendor and the PMs.  We agreed that maybe the vendor wasn't completely smoking crack and we could get a little more detailed.  So we started trying to determine where to add the depth.  We didn't get done, of course, so there is another meeting tomorrow. 

And I offered to read through the test scenarios the SQAs already have documented to see which need more detail, what is missing, what needs tweaks, etc.  Because I'm an idiot like that.

I spent my non-TPFH hours today fighting with our new operations service provider, figuring out why another SQA couldn't get into an app to test it (user error), and tracking down why several of our apps stopped working in dev!

My head hurts.

I was going to go to the gym tonight as I took yesterday as a rest day.  My legs were sore from Monday & Tuesday and I wanted to give my knees a chance to rest.  But today's headache is one of those that could go either way - I've taken meds (twice!) and it is still there so it will either stay with me at this level until I get some sleep or it will go migraine.  At this point going to the gym might just make it worse*. 

I'm going to finish up one last thing then get out of here.  Whether I go to the gym or not I want away from this desk!

* I can usually gauge my headaches pretty well (I should, I have enough of them) and know what will make them better, worse, or not have any affect.  They don't react consistently to working out though.  Sometimes it helps, sometimes it makes a moderate one go migraine.  So I tend to play it safe and take it easy when I have one especially if it isn't responding to drugs. 


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