Mar. 31st, 2012

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I had to go to the office today.  I know, I know, I'm on vacation.  But yesterday I went for a walk at lunch so I'd changed into my tennis shoes and left my work shoes next to my backpack.  When I was getting ready to leave around 3:00 I was still in my tennis shoes and was getting all my shit together as well as answering last minute questions when I remembered I had a check to deposit at the bank on the way home.  So I got out the check and a deposit slip, filled everything out and put them in my purse so I could go through the drive-thru at the bank.  Then I left.  Leaving my dress shoes on the floor in my cubicle. 

Of course I didn't realize I'd forgotten my shoes until I got home and was pulling stuff out of my backpack.  I tried to let it go, telling myself that the shoes would be fine (who would take them?) and they could wait until I came back to work on the 10th.  No good - I was mildly OCD all evening and had weird-ass dreams all night.  So today after I got ready I headed back downtown to the office and got my damn shoes.  Time in the building?  Four. Freaking. Minutes. 

But I'm much more relaxed now so it was worth it.  Had I not gone to get them I'd probably be weirded out all week.

Today included a few errands, some shopping (books and comics) and now laundry.  At some point I need to go to the grocery store, WalMart, and Lowes.  On the agenda this week is mowing the grass, staining the deck, getting my new garage door Wednesday afternoon, and getting the A/C serviced Thursday morning.  And only the garage door and A/C are absolutely required (although if I don't cut the grass its going to take over).  Everything else depends on if I'm feeling it, not to mention the weather.  I intend to leave the grocery/WalMart run until a weekday too. 

As for now, that's pretty much it.  Now if you'll excuse me, there's a book to finish and some more episodes of Babylon 5: Season 1 to watch.     


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