Mar. 21st, 2012

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Conservative America and the GOP are at it again.  As usual they are using their religion as an excuse to try to take away women's rights and push us back into the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.  The latest is the 24-hour wait before getting an abortion that requires the doctor to perform an ultrasound and show the woman the picture, make her listen to the heartbeat, etc before she can get the abortion. 

I have read this being called slut-shaming.

To make matters worse the way to get the best ultrasound picture is via a transvaginal ultrasound which requires a 10 inch wand being inserted into the vagina.  So basically not only is the woman shamed but she is also raped.  Yes, raped.  Any penetration by any object or body part without consent (and coercion by the legislature does not count as consent) is rape. 

As usual John Scalzi at says it better than I can.  In this case a doctor friend of his says it.

For what its worth I do not agree with abortion and wish that no woman would ever have to have one.  But I also realize that 1) it is legal and 2) the best way to prevent them is education, not laws and shaming. 

Everyone in this country is entitled to their beliefs and opinions - if you believe abortion is murder that's fine with me.  But you have NO RIGHT to force those beliefs on me.  Especially if you do not have a vagina.  Those without a vagina should shut the fuck up.


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