Mar. 9th, 2012

Is Not Dead

Mar. 9th, 2012 04:17 pm
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Better now although still under the weather.  Missed work Tuesday and Wednesday - Tuesday with a nice little fever and Wednesday basically feeling like crapola.  Seriously, I've been sick since last Thursday when the sore throat started.  Can has new body now? 

I had my yearly physical at the doc's yesterday anyway so I asked her about the plague.  She did a quick check of symptoms, throat and ears and pronounced it the upper respitory virus they've been seeing a lot of lately.  Seems you get sick like you are getting cold, have a few days with clear everything but lots of it then start to feel a little better (This was Thursday through Monday for me).  Then you get worse again, this time with a higher fever, colored gunk and a crappy cough (Tuesday & Wednesday).  After that you start to feel better so long as you keep fever free.  Runs ten days to two weeks.  Its like a roller coaster while you have it though - feel bad, get a little better, feel really bad, get better, maybe feel bad again, get better, etc. 

I'm supposed to watch my temp and stay home from work if the fever goes back up (it hasn't, thankfully) and come back if it moves to my chest.  Not many but a few peeps have had it turn into nasty bronchitis or pnuemonia.  I seem to be on the mend but I'm not going to chance it.  Other than a haircut tomorrow and maybe a trip to the grocery store my plan is to stay home this weekend curled up on the couch reading Discount Armegeddon by Seanan McGuire. 



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